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I still remember my very first published article back in 2007. I was filled with excitement as I anxiously waited for the magazine to go up on the shelves.


When it finally did, I was thrilled to see my name in print and the overwhelming sense of pride within me was tremendous.


Three and a half years on, and I still feel the same sense of pride swell inside me whenever I see my name in print.


Being driven by passion (pun fully intended) is one of the best ways to get a job done. I’ve been placed in mismatched roles before, and honestly I dreaded going to work then.


It’s a real luxury to be able to do what you love and love what you do. I never thought I would be able to make my passion my job and just two months back, I made the bold move.


With a leap of faith I left my day job (which also means stable income) and came out on my own to pursue my automotive and motorsports interests.


Some scoff at my idiocy, others applaud my courage.


Well, I took nine months to make this decision and I think any timeframe long enough to conceive a baby and bring it to the world can be justified as rational.


There is a risk of killing the passion if work goes wrong, but nothing comes without risk and you never know if you don’t try.


I have my dreams and my ambitions of helping the local motorsports scene and boosting it to higher levels. Many people have tried before me and most have given up or failed miserably.


It isn’t easy to reach where I am today. Not that I’ve made it big and am at the top; there’s still a lot more for me to learn and a lot more for me to achieve, but at least I have attained some level of credibility.


Also, along the way, there will always be people who try to make the journey difficult for you. As a female, I face a slightly different set of challenges which I hope I will be able to share one day.


For sure I have received my fair share of criticisms and more. But nothing’s perfect and if you intend to spend time making everyone happy then you won’t have any time left to focus on your purpose.


Sacrifices are inevitable too.


Over the last one year, I’ve made big decisions and sacrifices so as to retain the path to my ultimate goal.


It truly breaks your heart when close ones are unable to see things on the same level, or when non-like-minded people thwart your plan and intentionally wound you.


But all these only serve to make you stronger and stronger you shall be. Next, ensure that you make it worth the sacrifice.


One of my character flaws is that I try to accommodate people too much. It’s this soft-hearted mindset that led me to over-commit to certain things which ended up more detrimental to my life than ever.


It’s just sad how certain people choose to pick on the nitty gritty bits instead of taking a step back and viewing the large picture.


It’s exactly like how a smart driver gunning for the championship title needs to be careful and focus on earning points instead of racing aggressively for a win all the time and risk crashing out with zero points to the title chase.


Another thing that can be better adopted is the embracing of change. Look, nothing’s constant except change, so just learn to accept change and use it to strengthen your impetus to succeed.




*This was first published in 9tro magazine, issue #4.

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Singapore’s only female full-time motoring and motorsports photojournalist. Independent automotive consultant and prominent local motorsports personality Cheryl Tay is uniquely passionate about all things cars and motorsports. She also has a strong passion to share her interest and knowledge, hence having a dream to become the ‘Oprah Winfrey of cars and motorsports’ and create a multimedia platform for her sharing. - A female in a male-dominated world, Cheryl Tay is Singapore’s only female full-time motoring journalist and motorsports blogger and she regularly writes for prominent titles in Singapore, Asia and internationally. (See full list of titles that Cheryl Tay writes for here.)

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