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I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve participated in Love on Wheels, the charity car drive event by the PMET Division of the People’s Association (PA). But I’m not complaining! I will keep going for it as long as I can make it:)

There was one in June which was sponsored by Citibank Singapore, where my girlfriend Daphne and I took two underprivileged kids to Marina Barrage for kite flying.


In less than a month, the next Love on Wheels event came along – this time it was headlined by Audi Club SG. For the first time, Audi Club SG and the authorised dealer for Audi cars, Premium Automotive, are supporting and sponsoring this charity car drive.

Love on Wheels Audi (2)

More than 150 participants and beneficiaries in over 70 cars gathered at Henderson CC on a bright and early Saturday morning. This community initiative is jointly organised by Tanglin-Cairnhill CCC, Audi Club SG and PA-PMET Division, with Premium Automotive as the principal sponsor.

These children, aged seven to 15, are from lower income or single-parent families and also the beneficiaries of the “WeLL Program @ Tanglin Cairnhill”.

Love on Wheels Audi (11)

Audi Club SG mobilised more than 50 members from the club to commit about 50 cars in this programme. Audi Club SG is the official Audi enthusiast club for Audi owners in Singapore which was formally registered as a society in Singapore on February 2009 by a group of die-hard Audi owners and enthusiasts.

This is the club’s inaugural charity car drive but definitely not the first charity event. Another Audi Club SG’s charity activity was purchasing goodie bags for Children Cancer Foundation which was held last year.

Jon Chin, President of Audi Club SG said, “We at Audi Club SG believe that being “A Unique Driver Inside” isn’t just about oneself but also doing things uniquely. One of the unique things that we’ve taken up is partnering with People’s Association and giving back to the community in a fun manner. You’ll never expect a bunch of car lovers (mostly guys) going around Singapore with children, having lunch with them and enjoying a movie together. This is what makes our club so special and this is what warms our hearts.”

Senior Minister of State for Law & Education and Grassroots Adviser for Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots Organisations Ms Indranee Rajah flagged us off from Henderson CC and from there we took the children for a scenic drive around some of Singapore’s iconic landmarks such as the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay and the Esplanade.

Love on Wheels Audi (5)

After the scenic drive, we met at the luxurious Audi Centre Singapore for lunch on the fourth storey of their showroom.

Love on Wheels Audi (4)

The children were enjoying the food and drinks, helping themselves to repeat servings.

Love on Wheels Audi (7)

How often do we get to have lunch so casually on the showroom floor in the company of Audi cars, including the range-topping R8?

Love on Wheels Audi (8)

The kids were clearly enjoying themselves, posing with the cars and even picking the phones (not connected) and pretending to be helplines.

Love on Wheels Audi (3)

I think they gave the polishers more work to do with all those fingerprints on the cars!

Love on Wheels Audi (6)

The last activity was a movie screening of “Despicable Me 2″ at Vivocity and there was still some time before the movie, so I took my beneficiary for a little shopping! She likes chocolates so I brought her to Candy Empire to get some. She walked around the store so spoilt for choice and finally decided to try Pods Mint Slice and M&Ms Crispy Mint. She said she likes Tolberone and I recall a new almond Tolberone in a turquoise packaging, which we found in the supermarket.

Love on Wheels Audi (12) (640x640)

Armed with enough chocolates for the day, we headed over to the cinema to start queuing for the popcorn combo.

Love on Wheels Audi (1)

Two theatres were booked to accommodate all of us and it was free seating so it was important to arrive early. Everyone had the same mindset and we ended up waiting in the corridor!

Love on Wheels Audi (10)

The movie wasn’t as cute as I expected, but it was still funny and I did laugh out loud a couple of times at those silly minions. Once the movie was done, we sent our respective beneficiaries back to Henderson CC and that was it!

Love on Wheels Audi (13) (640x640)

My beneficiary Nurul Shahfika is 13 years old and has three siblings. She comes from a low-income family and both her parents are cleaners she said. She doesn’t like the colour pink, sadly, but she liked my car and asked for the top to be down. After we were done with the movie, she asked me to drive her around more as she didn’t want to return to Henderson CC so quickly. (She knows that the distance from Henderson CC to Vivocity is very short.)

We drove with the top down in silence, just basking in the afternoon sun. She found the sunshine too warm though, and I had to stop by the roadside to bring it up halfway, haha! She said she was hungry so I went to the West Coast McDonald’s drive-in to get her a meal.

Finally she agreed to be taken back to Henderson CC where she collected her goodie bag, before being taken home.

Love on Wheels Audi (9)

Shahfika isn’t the chatty sort, slowly opening up as the day progressed, finally saying thank you to me at the end of the day. Always happy to bring a smile to the less fortunate:)

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