Long or short hair for girls?

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Some time back, I ran this question on my Facebook for the men: “Guys – short or long hair on YOUR woman?“ 








I ran this search on Google and it appears that millions of people around the world have the same question as me. What made me ask this question you say?


Well, I was seeing this guy once and I made a trip to the hairdresser without telling him. It was a surprise for him as he suggested getting curls in an attempt to make me more ‘womanly’ (it’s gonna take more than just a hairdo to make me womanly but anyway!). For some reason when I kept quiet upon his question of “What are you doing at the salon?”, he assumed that I was getting a haircut. 


Horror of all horrors, he freaked out and immediately started ranting about how the hair’s mine but still I should have discussed it with him first before doing something so drastic. I couldn’t even get a word in and he got so upset that I decided to let it be. We ended the phone call but I believe the shock retained in him far beyond the call.


Hours later when we were on the phone again, he was still upset and kept going on about how he has to wait for my hair to grow out and all that. I mean, I am aware that he has a preference for his woman to have long hair (as for other chicks that he oogles at, long or short hair doesn’t matter as long as they are hot) but what I didn’t know was how much it actually meant to him.


Finally I decided not to torment him further and I told him that I did no such thing. You should have heard his sigh of relief – Obama would have heard it from the White House. 


For the next few weeks, this issue about women with long hair plagued my mind and I spent some time talking to friends about their opinions. One of my friends actually said he will not hesitate to leave his long-time girlfriend should she cut her hair short.. what?!


There are endless opinions to this issue I know and honestly, there’s no right or wrong – it’s a personal preference isn’t it? The politically correct answer is: “It doesn’t matter if her hair is short or long, so long as it looks good on her.” 


There are also some guys who don’t care if other girls have short or long hair, as long as THEIR woman has long hair. LOL. I think majority prefers ladies to have long hair but not as many are so stubborn about it that their woman must must have long hair. 


I’ve had short hair for most of my childhood life, even as a kid because my mum didn’t want to bother with the hassle of having to brush my hair and keep it clean. I still managed to catch head lice from a fellow classmate in primary school though. 


Anyway, throughout secondary school I tried my best to keep long hair but it would reach my shoulders (the neither long nor short period where the hair can’t be tied up fully) and then I’d give up. I was playing badminton and running competitively for school so short hair was a lot easier to manage.

225271_6755602709_602152709_259882_2113_nFinally in junior college I managed to tolerate past this chicken tail period and I kept long hair! Yay! In university I did a hair show for L’Oreal (during the brief modeling stint I had then) and my hair was cropped to this ghastly length. See? GROSS.


n602152709_465704_8768This was in 2007 and finally in 2009 my hair grew out:

24334_385902602709_602152709_3706879_5777464_nAnd from 2010 onwards it has been long hair all the way… currently my hair is at my longest ever in my life! This is 2010:



I’ve always had straight (sometimes rebonded) hair until last December when I decided to try something new and so I permed it!


Then it’s 2011 which is the me you see now:


281734_235679659799612_131620790205500_741157_1497265_n223159_235680553132856_131620790205500_741176_7254334_nI will continue to keep long hair for as long as I can, possibly forever. With my outwardly boyish demeanour, I need the long hair to maintain that feminism about me. Ultimately, I think it doesn’t matter if a girl has short or long hair as long as she’s comfortable with it and feels good about it.


It’s sad if a guy cannot accept her for who she is (long hair or not)! Yet I do understand where the guys are coming from when they say there is this sexiness about long hair and so they prefer their girls to have long hair.


Well, to each his own, I just hope this hair issue doesn’t cause too much of a conflict between couples. It would have become a huge row if I had really cut my hair back then…


I’m just waiting for the curls to grow out so I can have straight (or at least slightly wavy, and not curly) hair.. no more curls for me! And I aim to keep my hair to the length where it will just cover the chest nicely! ;)

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