Learning with and winning the inaugural BOSCH Automotive Bloggers Amazing Race!

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Both of us knew each other through car events and we have always been competing against each other in car rallies. This time however, we teamed up for the inaugural BOSCH Automotive Bloggers Amazing Race and came out tops! 


Using this chance as a quality bonding session to catch up with each other (she’s always complaining that I’m too busy for her and that she has to resort to stalking my Facebook and website to see what I’ve been up to), Su-Anne and I took on the first ever BOSCH Automotive Bloggers Amazing Race – which marked the culmination of the BOSCH Car Service Week 2012. 


Gathering at Ethoz Tampines, we had breakfast with dearest Uncle Bob (Bosch’s mascot) and got to know the rest of the contestants (Andy Lee, Edmund Tay, Dionna Zhao, Melvin Lee and Jasymin Chong), as well as the great people from Bosch, Ethoz and Omy.sg who put this whole initiative together.


As a motoring journalist, I’m passionate about learning more about cars and also to share the knowledge with others so as to help everybody become better drivers. Hence, I took part in this Bosch car rally to learn more about their products and services, and also to acquire new knowledge and skills that I can pass on.

285600_423371934363716_250050108_nBefore we set off, the guys at Ethoz took us through a presentation on traffic accident claim process. As a full-fledged integrated automotive solutions provider with three fully-operational service centres located islandwide, Ethoz represents 17 insurers and are experienced with accident claims.


I picked up a few important points regarding accidents, which we should all be familiar with, just in case. Touch wood that nothing happens to you of course, but it is always good to be equipped with the necessary knowledge. Remember to get as much information about the other party as possible, avoid discussing liability and report to an authorised reporting centre within 24 hours! 





Immediately after the presentation, the first challenge was a QUIZ on the traffic claim process! Following which, we set off on our various routes.

401968_423371967697046_1199334898_nThere were four other challenges next, three of which were completed at Bosch car service workshops. Our first stop was at Autobacs Bukit Batok!


I had to take a photo with the Bosch batteries first and post it up on the Bosch Automotive Singapore Facebook page before doing the challenge.

543570_423371451030431_131620790205500_88789962_1753455578_n 601405_423371551030421_131620790205500_88789963_1832588950_n

The challenge here was a Mix & Match memory game where we were given one minute to memorise a 5×10 grid of picture pairs. Thereafter we had to open up (only one pair at a time) and try to clear the board in the shortest time possible! 5×10 = 25 pairs of pictures, that’s quite a bit to remember!


The next stop was to Autobacs Ubi, where I had to take a photo with Bosch horns this time to post to Facebook.


The challenge at this station was quite interesting – In one minute, both of us have to sing a Bosch jingle, play an Uncle Bob catch-and-throw game and pack two Bosch battery into boxes. We were given only three minutes to memorise the jingle (that goes to the tune of Bob the Builder which Su-Anne and I both aren’t familiar with!!). 


Know what? I still can remember the jingle!!


“Bosch has wipers, clear view always!

Bosch has brakepads, always safe!


Spark plugs and filters and batteries too,

Engine protection that we do.

At Bosch, we always have fun at what we do,

Working together, we get the job done!


Bosch has wipers, clear view always!

Bosch has brakepads, always safe!”


Then I had to turn three rounds on the spot before throwing these Uncle Bob toys backwards for Su-Anne to catch with a cap. We had to do it five times consecutively to make it count. The last part was to construct a flattened box to pack the battery with. Phew!


The clock keeps running, so if we couldn’t finish these three things within one minute, we had to keep repeating the cycle till we do. We took just two tries! Got these things under a minute on our second try:)


It was on to World Auto Pte Ltd at Jalan Pemimpin next, where we played the DRAW SOMETHING game!


There were 15 words altogether and I had to guess what Su-Anne was drawing or acting out. The words are all car-related things such as car mechanic, Bosch car service, car accident, Bosch spark plug, wheel alignment, Bosch horn, Bosch battery, exhaust, speedometer etc. etc.

375921_423371817697061_131620790205500_88789969_578932566_nWe managed to get all 15 words correctly guessed and it was hilarious!


The final challenge for us was at the finishing point at Ethoz Bukit Batok. We had to inflate four tyres of a Nissan Teana to its accurate pressure (front 32 psi and rear 29 psi) and then find the missing fuse for the failed horn. I 


The pressure pump isn’t the kind that you get at the petrol kiosk where you simply key in the desired pressure level and let it run. I had to keep pumping and pumping and I wasted so much time there! We found the missing fuse in the engine component box for the failed horn and got it replaced quickly, in just 27 seconds, but the tyre inflator part caused us to have a slow overall time! Oops…


It was time for the results next. Basically, the six teams were split into two groups. All of us did the same challenges, just that the two different groups had different venues to complete the same tasks. All the challenges were time-based so points were awarded in accordance to the rank. 




Task 1: Quiz

For this there wasn’t any ranking but just a matter of scoring the full points for the task.




Task 2: Mix & Match

We scored top points for this with the shortest time in matching up the 25 picture pairs!



Task 3: Jingle/Catch-and-throw/Box Packing

We managed to clear the three things under a minute on just our second try! Top points here too:)


Task 4: Draw Something!

Drawing isn’t a forte for Su-Anne or I, but we managed to get all 15 words in the quickest time without skipping any words. Top points here too!



Task 5: Tyre Inflation + Fuse Replacement

Oops, here’s where I pulled the boo-boo by taking too long to pump the tyres so we had to settle for second best score.



Nonetheless, we emerged with an overall score of 31 out of the maximum 32 points!


… Which also means that makes us the winners!

600276_423377121029864_1150836107_nI have never been to Universal Studios Singapore yet so this will be fun! Su-Anne wants to bring her husband and her daughter along (yes she’s taken unfortunately, sorry!) so I better bring someone along too or I’ll feel like the sore thumb of the family outing!!!


I had a good time and indeed I learnt a great deal, especially about Bosch and its wide range of automotive aftermarket products and services. My car also had a free 15-point check by Ethoz:)


There is one last part to this contest though – the best blog post will receive a HTC One X mobile phone! Hey, I was just writing about that phone [see here] and how I do need a phone with better camera abilities to aid me in my work! 


I’m not one to beg for votes, but when the voting mechanics are created, please help me to vote if you enjoy what you’ve read. Thank you in advance for your support!


For more photos, view here.

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