Last day of 2010!

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This year has been quite a year for me. It has been a year of life turning points for me and also a year in which I’ve grown up a lot from. I’ll briefly share some of my major experiences as well as learning lessons of 2010…


I hesitate to use the word “highlights” as I haven’t exactly had the happiest of times. In no order of priority:


1. Had to stand strong when three important people in my life made their exit: My sister left for Australia to further her studies, my boss-cum-mentor at work resigned and I broke up with my husband-to-be then-boyfriend.


2. Endured the pain of a heartbreak and learning to accept that sometimes, love is not enough.


3. Took a leap of faith and made the bold move to step out on my own and pursue my dreams and passion.


4. Coming to terms with the fact that you cannot please everyone and you should just focus on doing what you think is best for yourself and for the loved ones around you.


5. Learning the ropes of becoming your own boss and what it takes to be one.


6. After all the sacrifices I’ve made for my work, the only way is up.


7. Just keep believing and be genuine in your efforts. Should there be people who doubt your sincere intentions, they don’t know what they’re missing.


8. For every one person that detests you, there are 10 more out there who likes you. As long as your conscience is clear, just keep striving.


9. Everything has a cause and effect to it – it’s called Karma.


10. Healing of the Mind, Body, Soul and leading a healthy lifestyle (hence the yoga!)


11. There is no equality of sexes – Women will always lose out because of our biological structure and our innate characters. We simply attach emotions to the things we do, hence fighting a harder Head-vs.-Heart issue. It is also this trait that explains why men can physically have sex with other women (who are not their wives) and feel no emotional obligations after, but women aren’t as easily capable of this.


12. You may love a person to the Heavens and back, but if timing isn’t right, no amount of love can compensate for the wrong placement in life.


13. When doing business, don’t attach emotions unless appropriate/necessary. Harsh, but true.


14. Men eventually just want a wife whom they can depend on. A man’s wife need not be the hottest woman on Earth, as money can get you a hotter chick each and every time (it will only get better). A man’s wife instead, is someone whom he can rely on and can understand him and his values in life.


15. Memories are the hardest part of history, as they cannot be erased or permanently eliminated. Time will heal all yes, but no one told me/prepared me for how long this is taking.


16. Men are like Recycle Bins, they empty their minds fast. Women on the other hand are like hard disk drives of infinite capacity, storing every damn thing, including things that are best forgotten.


17. Singapore is a very stressful society as it chases affluence and efficiency. As a result, road rage is not surprising and keeping baseball bats in boots is the norm. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own life and you are in control. Like my five stages of communication (Aware-Acknowledge-Agree-Approve-Apply), not everyone will be on the same level as you pertaining to the same issue. 


Don’t expect everyone to see it your way… it’s because individuals see things so differently that we are in this thing called Life. Fate is also a good friend of Life, as it brings to you things that you never expected – sometimes good, sometimes bad.


Welcome Fate, embrace your independence and worship your beliefs.. as there is no one greater than yourself – Your mind is your strongest opponent and also your weakest vulnerablity. God is good and trust that He only wants the best for you.


Meanwhile, be clear of your directions in life and know what you want. Otherwise, invest in a good GPS system to help you with the navigation. ;)


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