Ladies’ Night @Kartright #5: Karting novices go racing!

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I was looking forward to Ladies’ Night @Kartright #5 and it finally arrived on 30th June 2011, Thursday at 7pm. This time I had trophies made for the event so that the ladies can be rewarded for their first racing experience!


Gerald Tan was unable to make it that night, so we had Paul Lee as the coach instead. Paul is the 2010 Singapore Karting Championship Masters champion. He has been karting for four years, but last year was the first time he participated in a full competitive karting season and he emerged tops in the category that is most aggressive and has the largest number of competitors.


Majority of the ladies that night were new to karting, with the exception of some who have tried it on holiday. We also had two journalists from SHAPE magazine who joined us and were karting for the first time too.

262612_223816760985902_131620790205500_700312_6191918_nPaul went through some of the basic karting techniques but some of them left behind what was taught in the classroom and we saw many tyre wall kisses and grass hugging. Well, the track was damp with prominent puddles in some areas so that caused some spinning too.

259957_223817320985846_131620790205500_700330_6894202_nDoris and Nazilah from my all-female CTMC2! Racing Tea came down to train too and Nazilah brought her girlfriend along too!


269122_223817224319189_131620790205500_700327_5877365_nThat’s Robyn and Clara, good friends who decided to come and do this together and they had great fun on the track. So grab your girlfriend(s) and head down to give it a try too!

264132_223817360985842_131620790205500_700331_5930762_nJust look at the expressions on some of their faces – that’s how focused they are!


Allow me to introduce Audrey Cheong – she goes tracking at Sepang in her Honda S2000 and decided to come and give karting a try. Karting is fun and quite addictive as it keeps making you want to go faster, but it’s very different from tracking she says!

271017_223817254319186_131620790205500_700328_5877956_nI went down to kart too, to get some training too. I was in the first group with Doris and Nazilah, while I put most of the first-timers in the second group so we could even out.


I wish my helmet would be ready soon; it’s still in the spray paint shop!

262072_223817100985868_131620790205500_700322_8241190_nThe track was quite slippery and I struggled to hold the kart down, but it was quite an experience. This is a photo of me and Doris tussling on the track: No giving way man!

268262_223817504319161_131620790205500_700335_5474917_nThe best lap times of each driver from both details were combined and re-arranged according to fastest time… and I got pole position! Omg this is the first time I ever qualified in pole! Haha, this is just a tiny event I know but let me be happy for a moment ok! ;) Dividing into two grids, there were two races held. My kart gave no problems and I managed to steer clear of incidents to take the chequered flag! Whee!


However, I decided to take myself, Doris and Nazilah (with their consent of course) out of the contention for the trophies as this was our training. Hence, it was Maggie Chong who gets first place! She has raced at Kartright before at previous corporate events and has this pair of really cool goggles:

270747_223817200985858_131620790205500_700326_4715849_nShe felt that her kart was slow and didn’t even know she had won – the look of surprise on her face was priceless when I announced her name! Coming in second was Clara and then Robyn in third.

268482_223817684319143_131620790205500_700344_5395336_nCongratulations to our three winners and also to the rest of the participants of Ladies’ Night @Kartright #5! I hope to see you again at the next one…

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