Kyushu Media Fam Trip 2011: Traditional Japanese Candle Making

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Sorry I haven’t been writing about my Kyushu media fam trip as regularly as I wanted to. Ok after the visit to the Buddhist temple, I was brought to a place called Haze Yashiki where I learnt how to make traditional Japanese candles.

267413_219318344769077_131620790205500_683712_7540279_nHaze refers to the Japanese wax tree which traditional Japanese candles Warousoku are made of.

260079_219318624769049_131620790205500_683730_5009649_nThe beauty of these candles is its beautiful and stable flame, the minimal amount of soot, and its eco-friendly source where its material is derived from the fruit of Haze.

269078_219319071435671_131620790205500_683753_4112240_nThe wick of the Haze candle is also special as it is not made from hemp yarn or cotton yarn but from Toshinso and Japanese paper.


First we had to get the wick out:

264193_219318411435737_131620790205500_683716_8128069_n269596_219318381435740_131620790205500_683714_6543713_nThen after that we had to roll the wick around to form the inner spine of the candle:

260557_219318421435736_131620790205500_683717_1032240_n268679_219318434769068_131620790205500_683718_148211_nAfter that we had to dip the stick into hot liquid wax to harden it up:


263779_219318581435720_131620790205500_683726_1553929_nThe stick was then fixed standing into an empty cup that forms the base of the candle:

271061_219318594769052_131620790205500_683727_7371300_n263169_219318664769045_131620790205500_683732_8243907_nThe hot liquid wax had to be poured to a certain level before pausing and waiting for it to harden before the next level was poured to. Basically you cannot just pour all the wax in at one shot or the hardening of the wax will be uneven. 

264786_219318464769065_131620790205500_683720_5039688_n263886_219318648102380_131620790205500_683731_6215594_nAnd that was the end of my candle-making session!

269852_219318684769043_131620790205500_683733_7061202_n270506_219318711435707_131620790205500_683734_4788390_nThe hosts went to prepare chado for us guests so I took the liberty to walk around and explore the house. I came across this really cute uncle who was ‘mass-producing’ the candles:


251393_219318901435688_131620790205500_683743_5684490_n264820_219318884769023_131620790205500_683742_2093874_n267344_219318994769012_131620790205500_683748_7557817_n264686_219318971435681_131620790205500_683746_3553952_nCheck out this traditional thermostat for the candle-making man..

268734_219319008102344_131620790205500_683749_1831530_n261544_219318924769019_131620790205500_683744_3774026_nNowadays, there are very few wick craftsmen and so the people at Haza Yashiki are trying to carry on with the tradition by holding classes and even planting more Haze trees!


Can you spot the baby Haze trees?

264454_219319181435660_131620790205500_683758_2042972_nNext up on Kyushu Media Fam Trip 2011 – An afternoon at Mameda Machi, an old town in Hita…


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