Kyushu Media Fam Trip 2011: Too much chicken at Hakata Hanamidori

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After that sumptuous meal of yummy pork broth ramen, I was given an afternoon rest at Hotel New Otani Hakata before the other media from Hong Kong arrive. Along the streets around the hotel, there are lots of branded malls mixed with small-time shops to browse through but I was too exhausted from the early morning flight so I ended up taking a nap.


Dinner was at Hakata Hanamidori, a Mizutaski stewed chicken restaurant that only serves chicken.

216828_233394590028119_131620790205500_732943_3016799_nIt’s basically steamboat style with a hot pot in the middle of the table with boiling soup while you cook your own food. The difference is that the only meat is CHICKEN.

254102_233395086694736_131620790205500_732952_3857648_nSo, like I said, the food is mostly done in one main pot in the middle of the table and different types of chicken dishes were brought out to be cooked. First we were given seasoned cod roe, a Fukuoka speciality that reminds me a bit of caviar and it has a slightly spicy taste to it. Served at every meal, a common way of eating it was with rice in the morning for breakfast.

282784_233394696694775_131620790205500_732945_7761929_nWhile waiting for the soup to boil, we were also given chicken sashimi – essentially chilled raw chicken pieces.


We were also given boneless cooked chicken slices served chilled.

198692_233394926694752_131620790205500_732949_483899_nHooray, the soup was boiling and ready for us to start cooking our own (chicken laden) meal..

222459_233395623361349_131620790205500_732960_6629835_nMeaty chicken chunks complete with bones and skin were the first to go in and they were so easy to eat as I tore away the skin and separated the meat from the bones.

253323_233396136694631_131620790205500_732969_3442777_nThe pretty waitress serving us then ladled out soup in a cup straight from the pot – piping hot and full of flavour. Along with it we were given more boneless chicken meat, this time not chilled though.


250030_233395950027983_131620790205500_732966_4505650_nThere was also chicken liver that the waitress put into our hot pot – which I didn’t touch as I don’t eat innards – and she also cleverly shaped meatballs out of minced chicken meat with a spoon. You should have seen how quick she was in shaping the meat into balls and putting them into the soup!

184266_233396410027937_131620790205500_732975_1969509_n282660_233396656694579_131620790205500_732978_5647949_n215152_233397110027867_131620790205500_732986_2637125_n188395_233397220027856_131620790205500_732989_5119689_nI loooove meatballs and I ate a lot of these!

259810_233395543361357_131620790205500_732959_5594073_nThe staple of the meal came right at the end when rice was brought to the table and put into the soup along with eggs so we got porridge to eat.



There were only non-chicken dishes such as the seasoned cod roe, as well as tofu and vegetables. Other than those and the porridege, it was nothing but chicken, chicken and more chicken. By the end of the meal I felt like I had enough chicken for the next week!


Next on my Kyushu media fam trip: Visit to Senkoji Temple and traditional Japanese candle making…

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