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My skin has been tenderly taken care of by Porcelain, The Face Spa and they have a very informative blog which features good articles on understanding your skin better. Today I’ll be sharing one of their articles about the five different skin types. Come back often as I will be sharing more articles on skin care and what you can do for your skin…


Based on the description of each skin type, you’ll be able to categorise your skin, understand its needs better and match your skin with suitable skin care products.


Here are the 5 skin type:


1. Normal Skin


Normal skin has an even texture and good elasticity with fine, small pores and is usually blemish free. There will be no signs of oily or dry areas in normal skin types. This is the kind of skin that is almost perfect and is quite rare in adults.


2. Oily Skin


This occurs when there is an overproduction of sebum, which can be caused by hormones, especially during puberty. Signs of oily skin include an uneven texture, normal elasticity and large pores. It is often greasy to touch and you will frequently spot blemishes. Possibly one good thing about oily skin is it ages more slowly as compared to dry skin.


3. Dry Skin


In dry skin, there is an underproduction of sebum as well as a lack of moisture. It is often flaky, has a coarse texture and poor elasticity. It often has dilated capillaries around the cheek and nose areas, is likely to be sensitive and ages prematurely.


4. Combination Skin


Combination skin is one of the most common skin types. It is a mixture of dry, normal and oily skin. People with combination skin usually have an oily T-zone which is often blemished, and dry cheeks which feels flaky and coarse to touch. Because of this, the skin tone and elasticity varies.


5. Sensitive Skin


People with sensitive skin often also have dry skin. Their skin is easily irritated and reactions can include redness, itch and chafing. It is often transparent looking and is usually warm to touch.


Hopefully by now, you already know your own skin type and will be able find skin care products that suits your skin best. Remember, everyone’s skin is different, it is important to understand its needs before you embark on your road to better skin!


It is also important to bear in mind that our skin type and condition changes at different points of our lives due to various reasons. So remember to observe those changes to make sure that your skin is well taken care of at all times!


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