Kart racing at Macau this weekend

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Nope, I’m not here to race but here to cover the final of the Asian Open Karting Championship (AKOC) in Macau, which also coincides with the CIK-FIA Asia Pacific KF1 & KF3 Championships!


The weather here is cooling, about 20 to 22 degrees Celsius, but the air’s dry and my fingers are continuing to crack:(. It’s nice to see familiar faces from the local karting scene here, as I posted in my previous entry, and it was also nice to see some of the best teams from the region!


I was just marvelling at myself for being so pinkpink backpack, pink luggage, pink luggage tag, pink passport cover, pink laptop, pink laptop bag, pink mouse, pink notebook, pink wallet, pink purse, pink lip balm, pink moisturiser, pink bottle, pink pen, pink shoes, pink shoelaces, pink socks, pink watch, pink jacket, pink sunglasses, pink gloves, pink scrunchie, pink comb, pink toothbrush, pink toiletries bag etc. etc. Too bad my iPad cover, BB cover and camera aren’t pink.  


At the airport before I flew up to Macau I bought a pink thumbdrive and pink TSA lock, and last night I found a pink universal adaptor!


Then upon media registration at Kartodromo de Coloane, I was given a PINK photographer vest! (yes, even the male photographers have to wear it!) OOH! Someone was just telling me the other day at Sepang that I should custom-make a pink tabard for myself – here we go, I got one!



But I forgot my sunblock and my ‘raccoon eyes’ suntan mark on my face just got more prominent :(


Remember how bad it was after Formula Drift Indonesia? See picture below to refresh memory – it got better and then last weekend at Sepang 1000KM it came back and this weekend I think it’s gonna get worse. Ha, then next weekend I’m off to Formula Drift Malaysia, sheesh! 


Anyway there’s nothing much around the track and there’s only one cafe to eat at – called the Parc Femme Cafe. It’s quite cool – see the seats:



Along the counter where you order your food, there were all these meters as well.



The washroom has this really cool wash basin – you push the gear lever forward and the water will flow!

381851_301538629880381_131620790205500_936945_1760726974_nI thought the toilet entrance was a bit freaky with the Barbie dolls though…


Yesterday was a day of non-qualifying practice, so is today. I’ll be back with more photos soon!


Meanwhile, for more of my photos from yesterday, browse my albums here:

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