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Last week, this French cable TV programme came down to Singapore to film me for three days for the documentary that they are doing on me! Yes, they are creating a special feature on my passion for motorsports:) It was quite an experience, as the camera followed me all the time and I was getting conscious of how I walked and talked. 


Anyway, it will be broadcast later this year – will ask if I can put it up on YouTube so I can share it with all of you! The point of this post isn’t about the documentary or the filming, but about the wonderful make-up that was done for me over the three days. Seeing me in make-up is a rare occasion right? Maybe once every six months or something… 


Here are the three different looks I had over the three days of filming..


Day 1:




Day 2:



Day 3:


Stunned? You seldom see me in make-up, especially to such extent, hence it came across as a surprise to some of my friends who have known me for a long time but never seen me dolled up like that. 


Who do I have to thank for my beautiful make-up?


Dearest JING!


318900_253701117997466_131620790205500_795998_6968555_nShe’s very pretty!! Ok that’s not the point – but she’s really one of the sweetest and prettiest make-up artists I’ve ever worked with.

308001_10150354455820490_605790489_10242748_4779327_nShe has this huge luggage that she carries with her and it holds all the necessary equipment and items required for make-up and hair. The luggage even comes with a lock! 


Oh yes, she has to put on her spectacles when on the job – switching into work mode she says!


I felt very comfortable working with her and I trusted her to doll me up prettily! Over the three days, she recommended different looks for me and I just went along with her suggestions. I’m not familiar with make-up so I just left it in her hands and she didn’t disappoint! :)

310155_256957944338450_131620790205500_806719_16395092_nI wish I had half her knowledge in make-up so I can at least get my face coloured when I attend events and all that. I only checked the progress of the make-up after she was done with the entire area, and I couldn’t recognise the pretty face in the mirror! Hahaha sorry if that sounded kinda ‘haolian’ (Hokkien for arrogant) but I was really impressed and pleased with her skills..


Completing the entire package, she also knows how to whip your hair into a fitting style for the look! She puts on this black pouch around her waist and I thought that gives her the professional edge.

301115_256958204338424_131620790205500_806728_469184765_n307886_256958987671679_131620790205500_806752_1361927766_nExperienced in make-up for events, weddings and photoshoots, you can contact Jing at 9128 3792 or jing_lim@hotmail.com. Her rates are affordable and excellent quality is assured! 

296283_10150360598240490_605790489_10302943_650219740_nIsn’t she such a doll? Knowing how to doll herself up prettily gives me the confidence that she can doll me up just as prettily or better! Btw, please only contact her for valid make-up or makeover queries… (*glares at any other intentions*)



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