Joosin returns for her second OCBC Cycle S’pore!

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At the same training clinic where I interviewed cycling coach Low Ji Wen, I also got to interview two participants – Joosin and Chris Song.


Joosin, 38, is returning to take part in the OCBC Cycle Singapore a second time this year with an aim to better her result of last year. She has been training hard, cycling 20km three times a week and attending training clinics by Tribob as well.


Often cycling with her husband, Joosin enjoys meeting people through sports and benefitting from the various health aids that sports bring about.


Read on about the cycling aspect of Joosin’s life…



Name: Joosin
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Occupation: Finance
Company: Bayer


Cheryl Tay: Is this the first time you are taking part in the OCBC Cycle Singapore?
Joosin: Nope, this is my second time. I’ve not taken part in other cycling events or competitions either.


CT: What made you want to take part?
JS: For the fun of it and also to instil discipline in myself to work out.


CT: How and why did you start cycling? Has it always been for leisure or competitive?
JS: It’s always been for leisure. I started cycling as a form of regular exercise for myself.


CT: How much have you spent on your cycling hobby so far?
JS: It didn’t take me very long to pick up cycling and I’ve spent about $8,000 on it so far.


CT: How do you expect to perform at this year’s OCBC Cycle Singapore?
JS: I hope to do better than last year, with a better timing!


CT: What have you been doing to prepare for the OCBC Cycle Singapore?
JS: I cycle 20km three times a week.


CT: Which category are you participating in?
JS: I’m taking part in the 40km category.


CT: Is this your first Tribob training clinic?
JS: No, this is my second one. I attended another one two weeks before this. I signed up to see what I can learn at these clinics.


CT: What benefits does cycling as a sport bring?
JS: Cycling brings people together and sports have all the health benefits too.


CT: What do you think can be done about safety for cyclists on the road in Singapore?
JS: Safety on the road goes both ways – Cyclists and motorists need to respect each other’s presence on the road.


CT: What other sports do you engage in?
JS: Running and swimming.


CT: Who do you usually cycle with?
JS: My husband!



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