Jackson Powertrain: Giving Your Gearbox A Second Life – Part 1

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In life, we tend to take for granted the things we don’t see, although they may be there with us every day, silently carrying out its purpose to make our lives more convenient. A vital component of our cars that we might overlook is the transmission, or the gearbox as some prefer to call it. Every shift you make, every push on the accelerator, the gearbox is working its magic. Over time, the transmission, like all machines, will experience wear and tear. That’s when a rebuild or servicing of your transmission might come in handy!


A transmission rebuild is not something that comes to mind immediately when you think of servicing your car to keep it healthier for as long as it remains on the roads (usually not more than 10 years in Singapore due to the COE system). However, there are essential benefits to rebuilding or servicing your gearbox, which I will elaborate on in Part 2 of this series. Rebuilding a transmission is basically a major mechanical overhaul where the worn-out parts due to extended use are replaced and refurbished instead of changing to an entirely new transmission.

JP_DSC_0862In Singapore, one place you can go to get your transmission rebuilt is Jackson Powertrain Pte Ltd, a specialist in automatic transmission rebuilding and remanufacturing. The company is backed by three decades of experience (and counting) in vehicle servicing, repair and distribution of automotive parts since its inauguration in 1982, when it was known as Jackson Vehicle Pte Ltd then. Initially a general workshop for servicing and repair of passenger and light commercial vehicles, Jackson Powertrain has since developed itself into a specialised service of automatic transmissions for passenger vehicles. (Note that they only focus on automatic transmissions, as the bulk of passenger cars on the roads in Singapore are automatic.)

JP_DSC_0870Moving forward from the brand revamp in 2001, Jackson Powertrain has continued to grow in this niche segment, with a strong clientele of major taxi operators such as Comfort DelGro, Premier, Prime, TransCab and SMRT Taxi, and also other car distributors, car leasing companies and car rental fleets. Earlier this year in February, Jackson Powertrain was officially made the first service partner of ZF (globally renowned automotive industry supplier specialising in driveline and chassis technologies) for automatic transmissions for cars in Singapore. It is also ZF’s only service partner in Southeast Asia and a member of the ATRA – USA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Association) and ATSG – USA (Automatic Transmission Group).



JP_DSC_0873Located at Loyang Industrial Estate, the Jackson Powertrain Centre caters to all makes and models of passenger and light commercial vehicles with automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions and torque convertors. Other than offering services of automatic transmission rebuilding and torque convertor remanufacturing, Jackson Powertrain also provides automatic transmission maintenance and evaluation services, as well as supply of automatic transmission parts. For each rebuild, a one-year warranty (or 40,000km mileage, whichever comes first) is included.


JP_DSC_0872Now that COE prices are on the rise and car owners are more likely to hold on to their existing rides, Jackson Powertrain is witnessing a trend of an increase in demand for transmission servicing and repairs. A rebuilding of the transmission is big job no doubt, but what you can do is to send your car in for an evaluation first, to see the level of work that is needed for it. Sometimes, it might just be certain parts and components that need replacing and not an entire overhaul.


Roger Chang, CEO of Jackson Powertrain, also highlighted how the objective of rebuilding or servicing the transmission is a way of being friendly to the environment as this is a form of reusing and recycling rather than throwing out the transmission for a new one.


Jackson Powertrain Pte Ltd

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