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Last Thursday, Borneo Motors Singapore launched the highly anticipated all new Lexus GS model range at an exclusively dedicated GS Studio at 19 Leng Kee Road. The new Lexus GS, the fourth generation since the model was launched in 1991, marks a defining moment in Lexus’ history, with major enhancements in performance, design, technology and luxury.

561170_10150735684277710_602152709_9237802_194478034_n“The GS will be the first to wear the new design face of Lexus, and this is part of our global strategy to bring Lexus to a new brand direction. The new GS comes with the latest automotive technology and luxury, delivering an unparalleled driving experience and the best in automotive refinement. This great new product, complemented with our ongoing plans to bring ownership experience to an industry-leading level, will bring the brand to a new level of product excellence, sophistication and luxury. We are both confident and excited about the future of the brand in the years to come.” said Mr Klaus Redomske, Marketing Director, Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd.


To launch the new GS, a specially designed GS Studio was created at 19 Leng Kee Road. An industry’s first, this exclusive showroom will provide customers with an in-depth, experiential journey to discover the unique and salient points about the new Lexus GS. Customers will be invited to see, touch and feel the new GS, creating a personal experience with the car. This new GS Studio is part of the brand’s overall direction to provide a world-bespoke hospitality service and experience for its customers. This showroom will be made accessible to the public from 14th April to 31st May.



The new Lexus GS is set to exceed expectations for its driver and passengers. The new GS incorporates the new face of the Lexus brand with the signature spindle grille and Lexus’ unique L-finesse design philosophy. The car incorporates a high level of precision handling and driving dynamics promising an exhilarating and rewarding drive. Occupants of the new GS will also be cosseted in luxurious comfort. The car comes with a spacious cabin and meticulously hand-crafted finishing to the interior. Drivers and passengers will also be treated to an unprecedented level of luxury and automotive excellence.


The new GS will be available in six different variants, under both the GS 250 and GS 350 configurations. The GS 250, powered by a 2.5-litre V6 engine, comes in four different variants – a base GS 250 model, followed by a PREMIUM, LUXURY and F SPORT variant – while the GS 350, powered by a 3.5-litre V6 engine, provides customers with a choice of two variants – the LUXURY and the F SPORT. The GS line-up will be further expanded in late Q2, 2012, when two additional hybrid variants of the GS will be introduced.


For the first time in the GS line-up, customers who prefer a sportier drive will be able to choose an F SPORT variant of the GS. The F SPORT, inspired by the LFA supercar, promises owners with added styling cues to provide a more aggressive stance and sharper driving dynamics and performance.

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