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Six ladies by the names of Cheryl Tay, Doris Suresh, Goh May San, Lemna Parvini Sani, Michelle Kuek and Nazilah Abdul Rahim will be going up against the men on 6 August 2011 at the third and final elimination round of the inaugural OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge 2011 –a four-hour kart endurance race series held at Kartright Speedway. CTMC2! Racing is the only all-female team in the entire 30-team competing field and will be putting up their best performance to rival the rest of the males on the track for one of the remaining four spots left for the Grand Final later this year.

229666_234754466558798_131620790205500_737881_2079315_nTeam captain and founder Cheryl Tay, the youngest of the team, created CTMC2! Racing with the objective of providing an opportunity to allow ladies keen in motorsports to progress to another level beyond recreational.


Backed by title sponsor MindCHIC Club! (MC²!), a sports and hobby community platform, Cheryl Tay is managing two racing teams competing in the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge – the all-female CTMC2! Racing team and fellow brother team CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing who have already earned a spot in the Grand Final.


Hailing from diverse backgrounds and cultures (see below for profiles), the ladies of CTMC2! Racing were recruited through a series of Ladies’ Night @Kartright – a monthly female-only karting class – another initiative by Cheryl Tay. A final audition was then conducted on 28 April 2011 to determine the remaining team members.


“I started Ladies’ Night @Kartright early this year to provide a female-friendly platform to gather women interested in motorsports. At the same time, it was an avenue for me to discover talent for CTMC2! Racing with this chance to get out of the comfort zone and go racing in a male-dominated field alongside the aggressive men.


“On the track we are all equals, regardless of gender, and I believe the team has what it takes to put up a good fight against the men. We will deliver our most competitive performance on race day and hope for a smooth race to a successful finish,” Cheryl Tay commented.


Other than creating awareness of motorsports to the general public, Cheryl Tay also hopes that women will start understanding motorsports the right way. Having been exposed to all sorts of motorsports through her work as a motorsports journalist and blogger, Cheryl Tay is excited about the opportunity to feel the thrills of racing.


“While helping Cheryl in her quest to help more ladies develop their interest in motorsports, we hope to see women regularly winning local and foreign races within the next three years. CTMC2! Racing is the first of many beginnings and hopefully it will motivate more people, not just women, to take a deeper interest in motorsports,” said Richard Chai, business development director of title sponsor MC²!.


For enquiries or more information, kindly contact Cheryl Tay at Those keen on taking part in Ladies’ Night @Kartright may write in to or visit for more details.


About MIndCHIC Club! ( (MC²!) is a niche portal that specialises in introducing and facilitating Sports, Games and Hobbies to working adults to help them achieve a well-balanced career and life. Sports, Games and Hobby experts are provided with a social community platform and business services that result in enhanced profitability and high customer satisfaction. 

About Cheryl Tay Pte Ltd (

Cheryl Tay Pte Ltd is a company that specialises in consultant services, public relations and editorial services, with a focus on motorsports but not exclusive to motorsports. Cheryl Tay is Singapore’s only female full-time motoring journalist and motorsports blogger, with regular contributions to prominent titles in Singapore, Asia and internationally, having interviewed several Formula 1 drivers and other key motorsports personalities. With hopes to reach out to a greater motoring audience, Cheryl is currently planning to rope more ladies into the drivers’ seat with initiatives such as Ladies’ Night @Kartright, a female-only karting course, and CTMC2! Racing, an all-female team for the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge 2011.


CTMC2! Racing



CHERYL TAY, 24, Singaporean, Motoring and Motorsports Writer


Team captain and founder of the team, Cheryl Tay needs no introduction as she is a regular name in the industry with a prominent involvement and passion for motorsports. Grateful for the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge, which gave her the chance to race at reasonable costs, she is the youngest member of the team.


Behind the Ladies’ Night @Kartright initiative, Cheryl planned a series of ladies-only karting clinics to discover potential talent for the team. Supported by MIndCHIC! Club, she achieved her goal of forming the all-female kart racing team that consists of five other ladies besides herself by holding an audition for anyone interested in racing against males.


No one in the family is a fan of motorsports so it was strange that Cheryl would pick up something on her own. Picking the Hot Wheels car over the Barbie doll for a McDonald’s Happy Meal in the past, Cheryl’s love for cars is fuelled by an ever burning passion to bring motorsports to a greater level.


Other than creating awareness of motorsports to the general public, Cheryl also hopes that women will start understand motorsports the right way. Having been exposed to all sorts of motorsports through her work as a motoring and motorsports journalist, Cheryl is excited about the opportunity to feel the thrills of racing.


“I’ve always wanted to experience racing and there is no better opportunity than to start with go-karting, the basics of motorsports, along with five like-minded female team-mates. I hope that through this people will start to realise the racing track is not just for the men but there is potential in us women as well,” said Cheryl.



DORIS SURESH, Singaporean, Hospitality and Tourism


Born into a family of racing background, it is no wonder that Doris Suresh would find herself involved in racing too. It started back in late 1990 when her father was testing his go-kart in a car park and she asked if she could give it try. Liking it immediately, the Brunei-born started competing in races since January 1991.


“My father was a champion racer in motorbikes, go-karting and saloon cars, while my brother is a champion racer in go-karts and saloon car sprint racing. I began racing in the novice category among guys in 1991 and was the only female karter then. In a matter of months, three more ladies came forth but sadly the sport was too expensive for more new entrants,” Doris shared.


Back in Brunei, there was no facility which regularly organised motorsports events and go-karting was the only affordable motorsport to be held. Doris’ parents were active organising committee members then and she helped out by taking on the task to develop content for the official programme book. Doris also managed the commercial aspect, handling things like placements of advertisements for sponsors. If she was not racing, she would be helping out with timekeeping and tabulating the race results.


With her career leading her to Singapore in September 2004, Doris now lives here and is a Singapore citizen. Having been out of touch with racing for about 15 years, the Michael Schumacher fan is happy to be back in the sport on a competitive level and will put her previous racing experience to good use.



GOH MAY SAN, 25, Singaporean, F&B Brand Executive


When placed in a male-oriented environment, it is not unexpected to be drawn into their world of technology, gadgets, sports and other pursuits. Goh May San was working for an aero-engineering company, where her male ex-colleagues influenced her with their motorsports and car tuning interests.


Whenever she got curious, the boys would more than willingly share their passion with her, sparking her interest as a result and bringing her into the world of racing, driving skills, modifications and car parts.


“It’s an honour to be on the team. To me I’m not only representing the team CTMC2! Racing, I’m also hoping to represent all girls who are interested in motorsports and show them guys that we can be just be as aggressive as well as skillful on the track,” said the 25-year-old F&B brand executive.


On a personal level, May San hopes to gain insights from professional racers through this experience and better her skills in the process. On a higher level, she hopes to show the world – or at least Singapore – that girls need not be ‘road blocks’ on the track and are just as capable in karting.


Hitting the gym, cycling and trekking in the woods is part of May San’s regular fitness regime, which now also includes go-karting. Go-karting is not typical to most people, especially women, hence it was amusing when May San’s mother rolled her eyes when she was informed of her daughter’s entry into a kart racing team!



LEMNA PARVINI SANI, 28, Persian, Global Project Manager


While driving brings out the worst in some people as they unleash their frustrations on other annoying drivers, Lemna Parvini Sani uses driving as a way to calm herself down. The 28-year-old Persian has always wanted to participate in rallies but studies and work got in the way. Having karted in different countries all over the world, Lemna has been a regular at Kartright Speedway since it opened last year.


“I came to Singapore in 2009 and was happy to find that there was a go-karting track. I think it is great to have the chance to be part of this team of competitive women and a race to push our limits and challenge us to beat some, perhaps all, the men,” Lemna quipped.


An idol of the late three-time F1 champion Ayrton Senna, Lemna admires the humanity in him despite his competitiveness and talent. She remembers the 1992 Belgian Grand Prix when Senna stopped his car to help French driver Erik Comas when the latter crashed.


Having won table tennis and swimming competitions, Lemna takes part in marathons and enjoys cycling, archery and bowling too. With a brother and two close friends in Texas who kart with her, Lemna is never short of support from family and friends when it comes to motorsports!



MICHELLE KUEK, 31, Singaporean, Real Estate Consultant


Also introduced to go-karting by her father back in 1994, Michelle Kuek was at Permas Jaya when that happened. While her father and sister seemed to be a natural at karting, Michelle found herself at crawling speeds and hence laid off the sport for a few years.


“My return to karting was inspired by corporate events that my previous company used to hold at Plentong. There, I surprised herself when my timings were more competitive than my male colleagues. Quickly identified for my talent, I was roped into the company’s main karting team and found myself racing alongside other men,” Michelle said.


The 31-year-old Singaporean also regularly joins Porsche Club Singapore’s karting challenges and has tried tracking at Sepang International Circuit with local tracking club Traction Circle Club once. A fan of Michael Schumacher as well, Michelle is actively involved in sports such as golf, inline skating, dance and cycling. Seasonally, she engages in skiing, deep sea fishing, shooting and snorkeling. Recently she has also picked up horseback riding.


A daily driver of a red 1991 Toyota Starlet, Michelle sees this racing opportunity as a platform to challenge and test her skills.



NAZILAH ABDUL RAHIM, 29, Singaporean, Civil Servant


Her curiosity was raised when she watched Formula 1 races on television. Feeling herself get excited when she hears the engines start up on the grid, Nazilah Abdul Rahim has always wondered how it would feel like being behind the steering wheel of a racing vehicle.


“I read an article about go-karting for ladies in the papers and kept a lookout for ways for me to get involved. Eventually I came across this chance to audition for a place in an all-girl kart racing team and so I took part for the experience,” said the 29-year-old civil servant.


Both a driver and a biker, Nazilah switches among the Hyundai Getz, Mazda 3, Super Motard Rieju Marathon and Honda Wave. This is her first time taking part in motorsports but she has driven ATVs and done dirt- and pocket-biking too. Not new to male-prevalent sports, Nazilah enjoys playing soccer and futsal the most.


Impressed by Lewis Hamilton for his talent at such a young age, she is looking forward to gaining a great experience through the four-hour endurance kart race.



Support us on 6 August 2011 at the third and final elimination round of the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge 2011!

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