Indonesia Kart Prix 2012: Testing Shots

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This is my first time at Sentul International Circuit and although it’s one hour away from Jakarta city, it is a nice track.

398557_333080003392910_131620790205500_1026889_505671073_nThere’s only one hotel near the track though – Lorin Hotel – where I’ll be holed up because there really isn’t much to do around here.


I flew in to KL on Thursday morning for a meeting and I flew back to Singapore the same day. In less than 12 hours I was back at the airport for my flight to Jakarta. I’m returning to Singapore on Monday late night and then Wednesday early morning I’m off to Taiwan! Taiwan is finally a personal holiday – FINALLY! Although I will be working throughout – as usual I know! I’ll be missing the All Stars Karting Invitational in KL though :(


Anyway, back to Jakarta – I arrived at Sentul International Circuit just after lunch and after walking around a little to say ‘Hi!’ to quite a few familiar faces, I went to get my media kit. It’s great seeing really familiar faces – like Drifter Boy Armando!! 


He was just telling me he has 9 drifting competitions and 10 karting races this year – wow! What about studies, I asked. He said his timetable is only from Monday to Wednesday – lucky!


Today was just official practice sessions with a sudden downpour in the late afternoon which ended as quick as it started. Here are some testing shots I did: (Testing because I was testing settings and also photo spots around the track)




425029_333076996726544_131620790205500_1026845_1207211309_n402986_333077113393199_131620790205500_1026846_1136588508_n426277_333078996726344_131620790205500_1026871_1597897984_nWhat is the Indonesia Kart Prix?


I was told that this event was put together in less than 3 weeks! Apparently some of the European karters were headed to Sentul for testing so someone suggested turning it into an invitational race instead. Well done!


There are three categories – Mini ROK (20 drivers), Junior Rotax (19 drivers) and Senior KF2 (25 drivers). Of the 64 drivers, there isn’t even one Singaporean! That’s quite sad:(


So who do we have?


Mini ROK:

1. Agi Gunadi (Indonesia)

2. Akeno Yahya (Indonesia)

3. Barichello Noor (Indonesia)

4. Brandon Eman (Indonesia)

5. Darryl Wenas (Indonesia)

6. Geza Sudirman (Indonesia)

7. Jonathan Sarudayang (Indonesia)

8. Keanon Santoso (Indonesia)

9. Mikhail Latumahina (Indonesia)

10. Mohamad Harits (Indonesia)

11. Prasetyo Hardja (Indonesia)

12. Presley Martono (Indonesia)

13. Raffasadia Salmun (Indonesia)

14. Rafif Rabbani (Indonesia)

15. Raihan Zulfikar (Indonesia)

16. Riko Adityo Tjonadi (Indonesia)

17. Timothy Wijaya (Indonesia)

18. Kush Maini (India)

19. Leonardo Lorandi (Italy)

20. Jakkarin Sirinon (Thailand)


Junior Rotax: 

1. Alroy Syadavirya (Indonesia)

2. Bima Ferra (Indonesia)

3. Cody Halliday (Indonesia)

4. Darma Hutomo (Indonesia)

5. Dirsa Said (Indonesia)

6. Felix Lintang (Indonesia)

7. Ferrel Fadhil (Indonesia)

8. Hugo Bradley (Indonesia)

9. Julio Prost (Indonesia)

10. Kezia Santoso (Indonesia)

11. Nabil Hutasuhut (Indonesia)

12. Nicholas Larry (Indonesia)

13. Perdana Minang (Indonesia)

14. Yova Chaves (Indonesia)

15. Arjun Maini (India)

16. Jehan Daruvala (India)

17. Alessio Lorandi (Italy)

18. Daniel Woodroof (Malaysia)

19. Lee Wai Cong (Malaysia)


Senior KF2

1. Sami Luka (Belgium)

2. Nicolaj M. Madsen (Denmark)

3. Nicolas Beer (Denmark)

4. Esteban Ocon (France)

5. Aldi Agustian (Indonesia)

6. Aldino Asmasoebrata (Indonesia)

7. Andersen Martono (Indonesia)

8. Avan Abdullah (Indonesia)

9. Christian Silvano (Indonesia)

10. Christoper Adisurya (Indonesia)

11. Clio Tjonadi (Indonesia)

12. M. Rulli Armando (Indonesia)

13. Mohammad Raharjo (Indonesia)

14. Philopaz Armad (Indonesia)

15. Sean Gelael (Indonesia)

16. Senna Iriawan (Indonesia)

17. Senna Noor (Indonesia)

18. Tommy Soebroto (Indonesia)

19. Alfredo Gagliardi (Italy)

20. Antonio Giovinazzi (Italy)

21. Stefano Cucco (Italy)

22. Ryuuya Fujie (Japan)

23. Saeki Arata (Japan)

24. Rahul Mayer (Malaysia)

25. Joel Johansson (Sweden)


Recognise any of the names in the KF2 category? 



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