Hospitalised during CNY :(

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In case you’re wondering how my CNY went, I hate to tell you that I’ve been admitted to hospital. :(


My CNY was going as per usual, with visiting and reunion meals. At the first reunion dinner on CNY day one, we had the traditional “lo hei” as the first dish. This was at Por Kee Restaurant at Tiong Bahru, the famous old-timer which I’ve been eating at for years. I suspect it was the yusheng in the lo hei as that very night I was down with high fever of 38.5 degrees Celsius.


I thought it was just a sudden virus so I ignored it and just gutted lots of water and slept early. The next morning I was still running a fever (though not as high) but I started to have watery stools and abdominal pains. It wasn’t sheer diarrhoea like I had before, where I went to the toilet at least 20 times a night. But each time I ate something my stomach would stir and I would head to the loo. I finally popped Panadol and I also took diarrhoea medicine.


Bad move – the diarrhoea med did stop the shitting but my stomach was still stirring. Both my dad and mum had diarrhoea in the morning and my sister had a stirring stomach. My auntie was also vomitting and shitting away. My cousins did not touch the yusheng at all and they were fine. Hence, we concluded it was the yusheng that gave us food poisoning. Thing is, everyone got better but my abdominal pains got worse.


I just tried to sleep them off but they came in spasms. My parents brushed them off and my mum even chided me for being unable to take a little pain. HELLO I’m not a kid and it isn’t just SOME pain. I wanted to head to the hospital, to the A&E and get an injection to stop the pain and solve the food poisoning, but my parents saw no necessity.


Got a friend to send me down finally – though was just dropped off and I went to see the doctor on my own. I got fingered in the ass and pressed in the tummy. There were sharp pains only in the right side of my tummy and the doctor got a little worried as it might be appendicitis. So I was put on a drip and sent to observation!

I hate this thing in the hand, I really hate it. They ran a blood test, urine test and even an X-ray on me.


Although there are some things that can be put into the mouth without needing digestion ;)


I was super hungry but I couldn’t eat, because if I was deemed to have appendicitis, I can then be operated immediately as there is no food in the tummy. It’s CNY and I was bored stiff. My sister came to join me for a while but I couldn’t even drink water, URGH.


After five hours, I was still in pain despite being given anti-cramping medicine. I needed to be warded, I was told, as the pain is not subsiding. At least four doctors pressed on my tummy and they highly suspect it’s appendicitis. I agreed to be warded but I insisted on a CT scan to see if there is any inflammation of the appendix. The doctors informed me that the scan might not reveal an inflammation but that still doesn’t rule out the possibility of appendicitis.


True enough, the scan showed no inflammation of the appendix, but there was water in the colon. *blur* Doesn’t the colon absorb water? The good news is – I don’t need to be operated on. The bad news is – I have to be admitted. BOO :(


So I was admitted into Changi General Hospital – chose B2 type ward as it’s fully Medisave claimable. Remind me to buy medical insurance from hereon so I can at least get upgraded to an air-conditioned ward which has a TV.

I stayed in bed the whole of yesterday and even managed to finish writing an entire newsletter for Kartright Speedway. My abdominal pains persisted and in fact got worse, so the doctors recommended me to stay one more night. RAAR.

Fortunately I had Wolfie to keep me company. Each time I ate something, my stomach stirred and I had to go to the loo. I even had to shit into these little containers to get my faeces sample. DOUBLE EEW.

Check out my meals: Breakfast – just a simple cup of milo without milk. Lunch – Clear soup and jelly (yawns)

This is so pathetic! I was so hungry!! Thank goodness the doctor came and said I could have something to eat, so I was given porridge:

Dinner – I was given a bit more food with my porridge:

My abdominal pains got worse and they finally gave me antibiotics!

Best friend Vincent brought Gingee to me yesterday evening so I had a healthy crowd who accompanied me to bed. :D


Johnathan came by and I showed him the newspaper article in this week’s MIND YOUR BODY which read: “Even Tigers have to watch what they eat. Gobbling up prey that doesn’t agree with you will only make you prone to food poisoning and indigestion.”

Dammit, how apt. This was published the day I was struck with food poisoning. :(


After sleeping for 11 hours, I felt better this morning but with still a dull ache and spasms of abdominal pain. At least eight different doctors have come round to see me and pressed on my tummy. The last doctor that saw me this morning told me it”s gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and that I have some inflammation around the intestine.


OMG you took two days to tell me that?! I could have stayed home instead!


He suggested staying for one more night just for observation but I told him I have a flight to catch tonight! So he said if my fever subsides by lunchtime I can go home. FINALLY. Breakfast was porridge again:

Not much tastier but nothing I could do:( I didn’t finish any of my meals here btw.


And then at 11.30am it was lunchtime:

More solid side dishes but still tasteless! *bleargh


The nurse came round to take my temperature after lunch and YES I was cleared. NO MORE FEVER = GO HOME. So here I am packing up and finishing up this blog post as I get ready to GO HOME.

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