Honda S2000: The two-door life

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Cheryl Tay and her Honda S2000

I’ve been driving my humble Mitsubishi Lancer ever since I attained my driving licence (almost eight years to date) and I’ve had the luxury to test drive various types of cars in my career, but nothing beats having your own sports car.

I might as well just make it official here – I’ve recently taken the plunge and am now the proud owner of a five-year-old Honda S2000. It’s only been less than three months that I’ve been driving it but it has changed my life in more ways than one.

For some reason, I suddenly feel like there’s increased respect, especially as it is directly related to my job as a motoring journalist. I cannot deny that it is a boost for the image, although some say otherwise about its colour. *sticks out tongue here*

I’ve often told others that this is the time of my life, before I start a family, to drive a two-door. Hence I was looking out for a coupe or a convertible. I wish I can drive a BMW Z4 or an Audi S5, but those cars are way out of my budget. Looking at the Japanese options, the S2000 came to mind first and there weren’t really many alternatives to it, especially in terms of performance and style.

You can call a two-door a selfish car, as I can only fetch one passenger, and it doesn’t help that most of the time I have so many things to bring out so I end up filling up the boot and the passenger seat. I have girlfriends who also want a two-door car but it’s often about the budget or an issue of impracticality.

So how different is it driving the pink S2000 versus the pink Lancer?

For one, the colour is pretty outstanding and the car never fails to draw all kinds of stares from smiling kids to smirking male adults. So in terms of getting noticed, nothing has really changed.

However, being an iconic JDM car, the S2000 also draws admiring glances from those who know their cars. At times, I even get ‘racing invites’ from other JDM cars that ‘push’ me from behind or get rev-happy next to me at the stoplight.

The pink is a dead giveaway that it belongs to a female owner, so some choose to smile instead of wanting to race me. I’ve never taken up any of these ‘challenges’ though.

I have to say that the introduction of the S2000 into my life has been significant. I feel a sense of pride when I walk towards it in the car park and you can say I feel like a little kid getting her much-wanted candy from the store.

It becomes somewhat of a chore when I get stuck in traffic congestion and have to painfully work the aftermarket sports clutch (with its high biting point), but other than that, the car is a beauty. I like it best when it’s topless with the wind in my hair and my favourite techno tunes to cruise with. Thankfully I’ve not run into a situation of sudden rainfall or bird droppings.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a lady in a sports car, a pink sports car? It better be something positive!

*This was first published in REV.

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