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A healthy and guilt-free dessert is difficult to resist, especially if it is tasty and friendly with the calorie count. One of the latest sweet treats in the market is Soyato, a frozen dessert made of soy milk that is low in fat and can be eaten as a snack or a dessert.

76961_155301151178163_116728721702073_239303_1679852_nThere is no dairy milk, cream or eggs in Soyato, as it completely uses soy milk as its base. Hence, it can be enjoyed by vegetarians and the lactose-intolerant.


Unlike yoghurt, Soyato is not sour and is actually flavoured very similarly to regular ice cream which is high in fats and extremely harmful for the waistline. Flavours like honey lemon, peanut butter, apple cinnamon, royal tea, green tea, pear, rose, chocolate and mango make up the colourful layout that greets you at the counter.


In addition to being healthy, the main ingredient in Soyato is soy, which is the only plant food containing all the essential amino acids and has the most isoflavones in them. Rich in calcium and omega-3 fatty acid, it is good for both the bones and heart. Best of all, soy has no cholesterol!

66142Accompanying your frozen guilt-free dessert are enticing toppings like Froot-loops, rainbow rice and raisins, and sauces such as chocolate, strawberry and caramel. The least fattening Soyato flavour reigns in at only 90 calories per scoop, that’s one third of the amount of calories in a bar of Snickers!


The texture of soy ice cream is creamy and smooth like your usual ice cream, but it tends to melt quicker than usual as it does not contain as many chemicals.


After winning the open category of Start-Up@Singapore in 2010 and gaining a cash prize of $20,000, Soyato set up a counter in basement of Bugis Junction. Prices start from $3.60 for a scoop to $12.50 for a pint (five scoops).


Make a trip down if you would like to give your tummy and thighs a treat without feeling like you should go on a detoxification the next day!


Soyato Frozen Soy Dessert

Bugis Junction #B1-K5

Mondays – Sundays

11.00 am – 10.30 pm


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