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The curtains have fallen on Best Car Singapore.


I usually try to write only about happy stuff on my website, but this is something I would like to share with fans of Best Car. 


Best Car is a leading automotive publication in Japan that is published weekly. Combining the best of the four issues, the top stories are translated into English and with a dosage of local content, form the ingredients for Best Car Singapore.


Unfortunately, after 10 issues, the plug has been pulled and the September 2011 issue is its farewell issue.


I regularly contributed to Best Car Singapore for the last seven months and I do feel sad that its journey has to end so quickly. There was supposed to be an iPad edition for Best Car Singapore after the discontinuation of its print version, but the headquarters in Japan gave it a red light.


There might be hope for it in the future but at the moment, Best Car Singapore sees its last issue on the shelves.


Here’s a note that the editorial team put up on its Facebook page:


Dear Best Car Fans,

Last December, Best Car Singapore was launched with a single goal: to make the very best Japanese car news accessible to English-speaking enthusiasts. However, the massive earthquake last March devastated Japanese society, and its automotive industry. In spite of our passion, we soon realized that we could no longer sustain a print magazine.

We had submitted a proposal for an iPad edition of Best Car but given the delicate state of the automotive industry, the Japan headquarters was reluctant to embark upon such an ambitious project.

Until we receive further notice, we would like to extend our gratitude to you, our fans, for your tremendous support throughout this past year. Do drop by our website and Facebook page for the latest updates on the Best Car project as we may get the green light sooner rather than later.

For the collectors out there, we are currently offering all 10 Best Car Singapore issues for just $50. Simply drop us an email at, or drop by our office at 177 River Valley Road #05-11 Liang Court to pick up your copies.

It’s been a fun ride,

The Best Car Singapore team


I thought it was quite an interesting concept and I liked their unconventional designs and layout. It is true that the Japanese market is not doing well especially after the earthquake, and it doesn’t help that the Continental players are getting stronger and grabbing market share from the Japanese brands in the local car industry. 


With today’s news about the cut of COE supply? That’s gonna mean more expensive cars and a drop in car sales. 


The car magazine industry itself is a close-knitted one with a few household names like Torque and Wheels Asia, franchised names like Top Gear Singapore and EVO Singapore, and other independent titles. In the four years that I’ve been here, I’ve seen magazines come and go. With social media and the web community building up, are the days for print media numbered?


I hope not.. because I know that I still enjoy flipping the pages of the newspapers first thing when I get up in the morning. 

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