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Tyres are very important because they are the only parts of the car in contact with the road. What some may not be aware of, is how crucial the wheels are as well. Tyres and wheels are a compulsory combination and one cannot do without the other. Linking your car to the road and bearing the whole weight of the car, tyres and wheels that do not fit well with each other can lead to accidents and damage to your car.


Upgrading one’s tyres and wheels have both visual and experiential benefits. Wheels have the most obvious visual enhancement, which can significantly alter the way your car looks. Changing to a bigger tyre size would fill up the wheel arches better for a nicer stance. Aesthetic effects aside, the right set of tyres and wheels can drastically change the way a car handles and behaves on the road. For example, larger wheels and lower profile tyres provide more direct and quicker steering response. Therefore, it is vital that you choose tyres and wheels which fit well together so that your vehicle has the best image and performance.


Recognising this importance, the local branch offices of alloy wheels maker BBS and tyre manufacturer Pirelli have collaborated to offer BBS-Pirelli bundles for Audi and Volkswagen owners in Singapore. Worldwide, both BBS and Pirelli are actively involved in motorsports and are established high performance and high quality premium brands in their respective markets. Sharing the same level of branding in their relevant fields, Pirelli Asia (branch office of Pirelli) and Cristaline (sole distributor for BBS in Asia Pacific) got the idea late last year and starting making plans for this co-marketing initiative early this year.

resized-20120609184935260Usually not selling directly to end consumers, Pirelli Asia and Cristaline decided to make an exception with these exclusive bundle packages and leverage on the strong reputations of each brand to gain more end-consumer visibility. Additionally, the objective of this promotion is to allow more consumers to have the chance to experience both products at one time at a lower price.


Response to the promotion has been positive so far and feedback from customers include improved road handling and more communicative steering – expected results from a high quality well-matched set of tyres and wheels. It is important not to compromise on either tyres or wheels, which is often the case in vehicle owners – Some get the highest-quality rims but match them with sub-par performance tyres, and vice versa.


Only available for a limited time from 1 May to 31 July 2012 with limited quantities, similar packages can still be attained via their dealer networks once the promotion ends, though not at the promotional prices.


This first ever Pirelli-BBS local collaborative effort caters to Audi and Volkswagen car owners only, after market research by Pirelli Asia and Cristaline showed a large demand for aftermarket wheel replacements for these two car brands. In future, it might extend to other car brands – both the Pirelli and BBS product ranges cover a wide range of cars anyway – as Pirelli Asia and Cristaline continue to study the market and take in feedback on consumer preferences and trends.


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