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If you haven’t been following me on Facebook or Twitter (you can start now at and, then you may not know that I was away a good part of this week in Hong Kong having a girlfriend getaway with Silver Ang. Should you find her name familiar, yes it’s the same Silver from the first ever original Project Superstar, the same Silver who has the leading actress role in a Malay and Indian TV drama series. She writes for STOMP! as well as blogs about her life at


We have only known each other for less than six months, since we met on the set of BlogTV on Channel NewsAsia last December when we were invited to share our views about road rage (remember the flurry of road rage incidents then? including Pierre Png’s own brush-in).


We somehow clicked – maybe because of the age and the similar work interests in blogging and of being full-time freelance everything – and then we went through some downtime in our lives and the idea of a girlfriend getaway just seemed too irresistable to refuse.


After discussing various places, we whisked our butts away to Hong Kong for four days for a free and easy trip. Silver is familiar with HK as she goes back there often enough – about 2-3 times a year – so she had in mind where she wanted to go to acquire the things she can get. It was nothing but shopping and eating, as well as a visit to Ocean Park, which I first and last visited in 1997 at the cute age of 11 years old. Yup, that was the year HK was returned to China.


In the day, HK doesn’t exactly have the most flattering city landscape. The peeling paint of the cramped flats, the narrow streets and filthy alleys, and the crowds of human traffic.. geez. But once night falls, the city is lit up with all sorts of bright lights and the cool night air makes it all quite charming actually.


I’m not a shopaholic by nature – I can’t browse shop after shop and go through clothing after clothing, but maybe it was the mindset and the mood inflicted upon me by her, I found myself following her through the shops. The clothes there are really cheap! I mean the non-branded ones and you can’t try any of the clothes on so it was pretty much pick-and-go-with-luck. Thankfully most of the things I picked out fitted on me quite alright. I bought enough clothes to last me the next year man…


We talked, laughed to tears and had quite the enjoyable time there. She even applied make-up for me and tried to get me to dress up. I’m such a non-girly girl as you know and I marvelled at how she makes the effort every day to dress up, even if it’s just to the shop at the corner for dinner. She enjoys dressing up and even though it is not for any special occasion, she likes looking pretty for herself which makes herself look good. Nothing wrong there! One more pretty face to admire – no sin there… In fact, I felt so plain shopping with her. She shops for fake eyelashes, no-degree coloured contacts, make-up products, facial masks, funny shoes, interesting outfits; while I just go for simple tank tops, cute-sy knick-knacks like Hello Kitty letter sets, t-shirts with interesting slogans and sneakers. Hmmm.. I have loads to learn in dressing up man!


To be honest, this is the first time I’m going on a girlfriend getaway. I have never gone on a holiday with just a girlfriend.. it’s usually a group trip or a couple trip or a family trip or a work trip. I’m glad she took time off to go on this trip with me.. although we both returned to Singapore with an early morning schedule the next day. She had filming and had to report at 7.45am while I had to go to JB for my first Subaru stunt driver training (more about this in another post). 


My luggage was lying around till two hours ago when I finally brought myself to unpack the stuff and store away the empty luggage itself. Now the things are all over the floor and I need to clear them once I get off the laptop. Kind friends of mine took us out to dinner and lunch, so we had great food there.. at the expense of my waistline which I’m trying to shrink!


More photos will come your way but meantime here are some mobile uploads courtesy of my BB:


Doggie spotted at the check-in counter! It’s taking a trip to HK too.. but I can’t imagine how sad it will be in the cargo area in the dark for that few hours of the flight :(

230791_10150194484962710_602152709_6799009_173123_nThis was at Ocean Park, where we took the Raging River ride and got splashed wet. I was seriously screaming my head off and not faking the expression for the camera. I found this picture so unflattering I had to buy it and show it to you guys! I’m pretty ‘hum ji’ (Hokkien for cowardly) when it comes to these scary/horror/thrill stuff.. Erp, don’t ask me how come I can go racing though!

247614_10150196212427710_602152709_6811766_6634270_nThis is the view from Nanhai No. 1, which is on level 30 at iSquare in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was quite clear that day and I can just imagine it being more beautiful at night with all the lights.

249532_10150196246437710_602152709_6811995_33441_nLook, a helicopter on the helipad of The Peninsula hotel, this really grand hotel! It took off shortly after.. I’ve never seen a helicopter actually take off from a helipad so this is cool!

254267_10150196246747710_602152709_6811997_2659997_nThe custard buns at Nanhai No. 1 were to die for! The creamy custard flowed out smoothly and was delectably sweet and flattering on the palates… I will blog about the restaurant in a separate post.

246879_10150197016252710_602152709_6817178_3945938_nPink cars never fail to attract me and this one caught my attention!

252797_10150196246007710_602152709_6811993_6428805_nThis is what Silver did to my eyelashes with simply an eyelash curler and some mascara. Ooh, I have really short eyelashes so this is wonderful!

254016_10150197016077710_602152709_6817177_1117187_nPopeye’s gave me this when I asked for chilli sauce – what in the world is tomato chilli sauce?


That’s all for the sneak peek… Don’t go away, I will be back with more HK posts! Good night for now…

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