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If you haven’t already noticed, my humble Mitsubishi Lancer – which I affectionately name ‘CTmobile’ – got a rather drastic makeover. Yes, it is now PINK.

Previously the CTmobile went for a grooming session with the Permanon boys of Beacon Enterprise (read about that here). The car has since been re-sprayed by autovox and sporting a fresh coat of paint. As a result, it is time to engage the Beacon Enterprise people again for their mobile Permanon application service so they can protect CTmobile’s surfaces with Permanon.

The latest from the German brand is their Permanon Platinum, a powerful one-solution product which consolidates their Permanon Supershine series. For example, Permanon Car Supershine, Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant, Permanon All Round Supershine have all been merged into just one product – the Permanon Platinum.

It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces such as glass, plastic, stainless steel, rubber, varnish and paint surfaces, aluminium, leathers, synthetic material and all other non-porous surfaces. This makes it applicable for cars, households, aircraft, boats, hotels, pools, spas and more. Compared to the former Permanon Supershine series, the Platinum offers a more glossy shine for a sleeker look.

The mobile Permanon application service by Beacon Enterprise is really convenient. All you need to do is leave your car in their good hands in a sheltered car park for about two hours and then come back to a gleaming ride. The result is what I call a ‘mirror effect’ – essentially, the surface is so shiny that you can effectively use it as a mirror.

Here are some ‘Before and After’ photos of my CTmobile:

Can you see how the details of the reflection become sharper?

The thing about Permanon is how it is easy to maintain as you don’t need to have another Permanon grooming session for another 3 to 6 months. Alternatively, you can maintain your car yourself after the Permanon session DIY-style by purchasing the iShine Platinum Kit.

Prepared by Beacon Enterprise, the iShine Platinum Package (RRP at S$85) consists of:

• 1 X 120ml Permanon Platinum
• 1 X 120ml BrilliantShine 2-in-1 car wash shampoo
• 1 X 120ml spray bottle
• 1 X applicator cloth

This is a kit that will help you to clean, shine and protect your car in a smarter and easier way. The Paint Protection System (PPS) in Permanon provides gloss shine and protects paintwork from ultraviolet dulling effect and various aggressive contaminants. It also makes insect fouling, bird poo, carbon fouling and other aggressive contaminants easier to clean and remove. Most importantly, in this year-end rainy weather, Permanon gives extreme water repellent and leaves no juddering effect on wipers.

One set of this iShine Platinum Package can protect the vehicle for 12 to 18 months. All you have to do is use BrilliantShine 2-in-1 car wash shampoo to wash your car before spraying Permanon Platinum on the targeted surface. Simply spread and then wipe off. The surface will then be sealed and protected, becoming shiny and feeling slick immediately. There is no curing or baking like conventional car waxing. The maintenance process is simple and does not take up a lot of your time.

Christmas is round the corner, so why not take this time to give your car a refreshed look for the New Year? The good news is, Beacon Enterprise is having a promotion now to buy two iShine Platinum Packages for just S$105 (U.P. S$170).

To enjoy this offer, simply quote ‘CTmobile’ when you call Beacon Enterprise to make your purchase. You can call Jonathan Choy at +65 9347 2184 or +65 9766 1548.

For a portfolio of other Permanon-ed cars, visit Beacon Enterprise Facebook page to have a look. You also can check out other exciting products offered by Beacon Enterprise at their website.

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