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Photos courtesy of Adam Toh There is still no place legal in Singapore to drift. But that’s not stopping enthusiasts like Adam Toh from making the effort to organise drift clinics so that the community can have their dosage of fun locally. Called D Experience, the three-man Stamford Drift Team (local drift talent Jansen Tan, Adam Toh and Felix Wee) is behind this initiative to give drifters in Singapore the chance to train their skill without breaking the law. REV speaks to Adam to find out more behind this rubber-burning workshop and the challenges he faced just to bring you D Experience:


REV: For the benefit of those unaware, what is D Experience all about?

ADAM: Brought to you by Stamford Tyres and the Stamford Drift Team which I’m part of, D Experience is an enriching motorsports experience that will improve your general driving skills as well as your passion and love for motorsports.


R: Why did you decide to organise D Experience?

A: I did it in hope of trying to raise greater awareness about the sport of drifting. Also it’s to provide a much-needed avenue for enthusiasts to learn and improve themselves in the sport.


R: What is the purpose of having D Experience?

A: I noticed a lot of people getting into drifting and many of them remind me of a time when I was younger and full of eagerness for the sport. I hope to use D Experience as a platform for these guys to learn drifting correctly, so as to quicken their progress. We will share our own experiences and offer them advice, in hope that they don’t have to go through the same mistakes we did before. As it is, there is nowhere in Singapore to practise drifting legally. Hence, this is an opportunity for them and I hope to make it a regular stint so that illegal drifting (which is dangerous) can be taken off the streets.


R: What are some of the challenges organising this?

A: Venue is a major issue. As you know, organising any event locally is not cheap. Thus, it is quite a challenge to provide such activities at a comfortable fee for the participants. Besides the venue, there are also a lot of licensing issues which need to be sorted out, to ensure safety is the utmost priority at all times.


R: Will D Experience be a regular stint?

A: As I mentioned earlier, I hope it will be. It’ll be good to have it once a month or twice a quarter.


R: What do you hope to achieve out of D Experience and what are your future plans for it?

A: I hope we can grow the local drift community through D Experience and raise the overall drift skill level. At such clinics, more practice time and opportunities to familiarise ourselves with our cars are gained so that we will be better prepared when we compete at international drift competitions.

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