FX Open Day 2

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The second day of FX Open Drift Series at KL Speed City (near MINES Resort) started early with practice at 9am. Initially I thought practice was to end at 12 noon, but it was extended to 1.45pm.


Check out a video of Ah Fai’s practice run:

untitled18The tough track


The Drivers’ Parade was supposed to be at 3pm, followed by qualifying, but qualifying has been postponed to tomorrow, due to a number of cars facing problems and so today turned out to be a full day of practice only.


fxopenday2-2Tan Tat Wei switches from tyre sponsor Bridgestone to Goodyear.


fxopenday2-3Lim Kim Wan’s RX-7 sounded a bit off today 


Mervyn Nakamura – half-Japanese, half-Malaysian


Singaporean Vincent Ng takes it slow, not wanting to risk his car.




Ariff Johanis painted his bonnet black!


fxopenday2-8Finally I see Tengku Djan in action! He didn’t practise yesterday…


fxopenday2-9Tony Angelo before the crash


Rocker –  whose car was totalled yesterday – brought in a spare car (Ng Choon Lai’s car from Boostzone) so he could stay in the game. Unfortunately, lady luck did not smile on him today, and in fantastic fashion, flipped the car. Again. Rocker walked away unharmed, but I’m not sure if he will be competing still. I was shooting from the middle of the track and witnessed the entire overturning episode, but I was too slow and didn’t catch it in pictures.




After clearing the debris, practice resumed and this time Hong came back to the ‘island’ in the middle of the track and joined me to take photos. Tony Angelo was coming down the straight in his entry when I turned to Hong and said, “Eh get your camera ready – this kind sure crash and flip.” Just as I ended my comment, Tony crashed into the wall and overturned his car.




















I felt bad after that. It was just a passing remark! Thank goodness Tony walked away unscathed too. His car seems to be in pretty bad shape though.. It was leaking and I saw the air filter fall out.






No more flippings of cars after Tony’s incident – phew – but Ariff Johanis clipped the wall and had some damage to his car. I hope all the damages to the car can be solved in time so they can all return for the qualifying session tomorrow.


197964_198204756880436_131620790205500_541589_7720727_nHis bonnet flew up during one of his runs!


As I am typing this in my hotel room at 8+ at night, I can hear cars drifting?! What the hell, who is practising at this hour? So unfair! Or are they testing the track? Night drift practice, interesting…


It was a hot, hot day and I got a darker shade of tan… looking forward to an (hopefully) exciting day tomorrow! If you are coming for FX Open tomorrow, remember to drop by the 9tro booth and buy a Drifting Collection t-shirt from me :D




198485_198205370213708_131620790205500_541609_8001163_nThis guy is so sweet – he wasn’t sure if the t-shirt would fit him, so he didn’t buy it at first.
Then awhile later, he returned and said it’s ok, he wants it anyway and will lose weight to fit it better! *aawww


P.S. Qualifying starts at 11am tomorrow…


For more of my photos from the event, view my Facebook album here.

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