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It was a special weekend for one of my best girlfriends Silver Ang, as she made her theatrical debut with local play ‘Fourlies’.

IMG_20130628_203913 (640x640)


Presented by Avant Theatre, ‘Fourlies’ revolves around the author Natasha (played by Silver) and how she faces key issues like historical revisionism, creative freedom and character autonomy in a literary work.

Basically, she struggles with these issues:

What if a certain character in a story takes the liberty to re-orchestrate a story to suit one’s own ends? What if the other characters protest to this interpretation? What should the writer’s main priorities be: accuracy, artistic freedom or financial success of a book?

It was held at the Arts House Chamber and bless me, if it wasn’t for this play I don’t think I would ever go there. It’s the Old Parliament so the seating was quite funky, bringing to mind political discussions that might have taken place there before.

Random picture of the interior that I pulled off the internet:

img_0882 (640x480)


If you were seated in the front row, you could literally touch the actors.

IMG_20130628_204653 (640x640)


The play ran for about 90 minutes with no intermission and Silver was on these crazy high heels throughout – hope she got a good massage for her feet after that!

During the play, I was trying to catch her eye whenever she came close to the audience and at one point she did see me! Of course, she cannot react.. She told me later that she got really happy when she saw me in the crowd but had to control her emotions. *aawww

IMG_20130628_215808 (640x640)


The play was on for three nights and she has been working hard at it, going for rehearsals almost every day. Poor girl had such a busy June that I hardly saw her!

IMG_20130628_225427 (640x640)

I’m glad I made it for her first ever play and another best girlfriend of mine, Daphne, went to support Silver too! I hope Silver’s career in the entertainment industry will continue to soar to greater heights :) )

Her birthday was on 3 June and I was there at midnight cuddling under the covers with her! :D We were just catching up and having girly talk because she finally had a rest day (coincidentally on her birthday) and I was in on the surprise plan that Mint had for her.

Basically, Mint turned up at Silver’s doorstep at midnight with a cake. I happened to be in the living room because I didn’t want to disturb Silver’s conversation on Skype (it rang at midnight). I tried my best to open the gate silently and then Mint, her boyfriend Colin and I were hunting for a lighter in a kitchen. Finally we borrowed the one at the altar (I asked the Gods for permission first) and then we burst into Silver’s room with a birthday song.





She was so touched that she teared! SURPRISE SUCCESS! Phew, after all the close calls…



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