Formula Drift S’pore 2011: Set-Up

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Unlike previous years, this year I was on-site before the weekend to help out with the event. It was interesting seeing all the drivers coming in and registering themselves before moving their cars to the respective pits and unloading their stuff. 


They had to put on their competition stickers, get their photoshoot done, send the car in for technical inspection and wish they were selected to take the media out for joyrides so they can try the track and get some practice!


After the drivers’ briefing, some of the teams hung around in the air-conditioned room for a while and I took the opportunity to take team photos! 


Check out the SPARK Motorsports Team consisting of all-star drivers Daigo Saito, Ken Gushi, Robbie Nishida and Charles Ng:



SPARK Motorsports is a Singaporean company and this year they really upped their game by flying in these big foreign talent names…


I made them do a formal shot first and guess what Daigo did? He seems so cool, silent and strong… but when I said “1..2..3!” he knocked into Charles on “3!” and pushed everyone over. Haha!


After a serious/proper shot, I got them to do something funny!


Look at Ken Gushi! Hahahahaha! 


And Charles was doing some pose that reminds me of the Standing Bow Pose that I do in my Bikram Yoga classes!


Then there is the celebrity PTT Performa team which has entertainment stars M (singer), Dre (DJ), Jo (actor) and Mick:



The Red Bull Drift Team Thailand is also a force to reckon with, headed by Thailand’s Drift King Kiki Sak Nana (the bald one):


The Red Bull team then had a discussion in a corner, how serious!


This year’s Formula Drift Asia series has a Team Championship award on top of the Driver Championship award, so we’re seeing a lot of team spirit – very encouraging!


I wanted to take pictures of the M150 Overdrive team and the GT Radial team and the Exotic Drift team but they weren’t in the room anymore:(


It was also nice seeing drivers from different teams chatting and having fun with each other off the track:


After that I hung around in the pits to give out more CHERYL TAY stickers and also to speak with drivers. Dre of the PTT Performa team – he’s called Davide Doringo – is seriously such a character.. funny and spontaneous!


Local drifter Ivan Lim was giving out his stickers (of his Flesh Imp caricature) and look what Dre did to it:


Ivan was gonna go after him with the chair!

247468_216322215068690_131620790205500_663109_3205060_nNah just kidding, this photo wasn’t taken at the same time. 


Anyway, of course Dre put it on his car after that… along with my sticker too!

251637_216322811735297_131620790205500_663135_5898798_nIf you are at Formula Drift Singapore and attended the drivers’ autograph session during the pit walkabout, do look out for the cars that are carrying the CHERYL TAY sticker! I’m so proud of seeing the stickers on the car… It’s like I’m drifting with them! :D

254140_216322421735336_131620790205500_663118_1147990_nTake a photo of the CHERYL TAY sticker and post them on my Facebook wall to win prizes! SPOT CHERYL TAY contest!!! :)


The highlight of the day for me was the interview with Jo of the PTT Performa team. I noticed him in 2009 when he first participated in Formula Drift Asia and I thought he was cute! But I never had the chance to speak to him or interview him as I can’t speak a word of Thai!


This time, I fortunately had the help of a translator – Max the emcee for this weekend’s Formula Drift Singapore! He’s Thai but he lived in US for eight years and hence speaks very fluent English. He is also part of the event organising team of Formula Drift Thailand and thus are good friends with the drivers! 


So he made the introductions and helped to translate the interview for me!


I also finally finally got to take a photo with my cutie… :D :D :D

252937_216322578401987_131620790205500_663125_7721648_n260146_216322601735318_131620790205500_663126_7317415_nTOTALLY MADE MY DAY! 


Jo is known as the one who drifts the police car – his car is done up like a police car, complete with the blue and red flashing lights.


This is a photo of his car from last year’s Formula Drift Malaysia:


Ahhhhhh I have a crush! :p

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