Formula Drift S’pore 2011: Did you get all the drivers’ autographs?

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In previous years, only certain sponsors had autograph sessions for their drivers, setting up nice booths with pretty race queens to give out goodies as their drivers signed away.


This year, Formula Drift Singapore had an autograph session during the public pit walkabout for ALL drivers. A long row of tables was set up in the pit lane and all 44 drivers were given the opportunity to take a seat and interact with the public as they came round for photos and autographs.

249949_216865218347723_131620790205500_667050_3139773_n252844_216865281681050_131620790205500_667052_8103498_nSeated in their teams, there were race queens, cute toys, caps, drinks, photo cards and posters for fans to collect.


The international GT Radial team:

246864_216865241681054_131620790205500_667051_5254429_nSingaporean Jason Tan of the GT Radial team was the only local qualifier in the Top 32 (Top 31 actually…):

246819_216865198347725_131620790205500_667049_5875435_nHere are some of the other GT Radial team drivers:

248769_216864968347748_131620790205500_667039_5945022_n254384_216865005014411_131620790205500_667040_8095661_nThe five-person Red Bull Drift Team Thailand were thanking me for the photos I took of them during qualifying the day before as I got them to sign for me:

251749_216865451681033_131620790205500_667058_4863067_n253949_216865388347706_131620790205500_667056_5210753_n251324_216865461681032_131620790205500_667059_4620420_n248592_216865425014369_131620790205500_667057_4548375_nThe PTT Performa team which consists of celebrities:

260479_216865305014381_131620790205500_667053_3675190_n253549_216865165014395_131620790205500_667047_3626565_n249921_216866158347629_131620790205500_667084_3495279_n247079_216866178347627_131620790205500_667085_4918695_n251609_216865088347736_131620790205500_667044_1426188_n249824_216866201680958_131620790205500_667086_7271634_nThe SPARK Motorsports team consisting of big names in drifting like Daigo Saito and Ken Gushi:

247354_216865785014333_131620790205500_667071_3950577_n253564_216865805014331_131620790205500_667072_1738613_n247844_216865888347656_131620790205500_667075_6876669_n251334_216865855014326_131620790205500_667074_1500825_n260564_216865961680982_131620790205500_667077_5510692_nThere were quite a few Goodyear drivers but there weren’t any big promotional aspect like the other teams – no race queens and no goodies. The drivers were scattered all over and I had to find them, eg. Tan Tat Wei and Michael Gan were in the pits and not at the table!

253594_216865555014356_131620790205500_667062_2160217_n248484_216865618347683_131620790205500_667065_4376613_n253766_216865645014347_131620790205500_667066_6950438_n254449_216866075014304_131620790205500_667081_753558_n248434_216866101680968_131620790205500_667082_7869303_n251163_216866235014288_131620790205500_667087_971306_n253494_216866248347620_131620790205500_667088_1923477_nThe Exotic Tuner team which has Singaporeans Ivan Lim, Winston Ang and Malaysian drift star Ser Ming Hui (Ah Fai):

260169_216864928347752_131620790205500_667037_1164076_n254459_216866131680965_131620790205500_667083_4884382_nThe Achilles Radial team which has new faces from Indonesia like M. Hermawan and Dean, as well as last year’s top rookie Amandio:

253507_216865505014361_131620790205500_667060_1942842_n251654_216865535014358_131620790205500_667061_4410568_nTeam M150 Overdrive weren’t at the autograph session on Sunday so no black and yellow colours at the table!


Other one-man teams were diligently signing autographs too…


Ivan Lau of Team LTM Bridgestone - 


Felix Lim of Team Stamford Garage R:

249594_216866318347613_131620790205500_667090_1046991_nLim Zee King of Team Kumho Binter who donned the Singapore flag just for the weekend:

248529_216865718347673_131620790205500_667069_692452_n250424_216865751681003_131620790205500_667070_1014344_nUnfortunately I don’t have a photo of every single driver signing autographs, so sorry to those who are not featured here!


Anyway, Tengku Djan and Rifat Sungkar didn’t take part this time but they were featured in the guidebook and I got Rifat to sign too.


I also made Djan sign 150 limited edition posters which I will be giving out soon as prizes:)


Stay tuned!

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