Formula Drift M’sia 2011: Preview – Max Orido is driving for Team RSR Japan!

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Remember the hot Supra at Formula Drift Indonesia that Ken Gushi was using? (read my previous entry about it here)


Yes, the Max Orido one. 


Ok fine – this one!


It is in Singapore at the moment, at HKS Garage R, but it will be making its way to Kuala Lumpur soon for Formula Drift Malaysia!


This time, guess who’s gonna be at its wheel?


manabu-orido-2None other than Max Orido the man himself! 


I’m so excited!!!!! I hope there will be a chance to see Orido go up against Daigo Saito, who has won both Formula Drift Singapore and Formula Drift Indonesia this year, after winning last year’s Formula Drift Malaysia on his FD debut.


Daigo is widely acknowledged in the global drift community as one of the top drivers now. Orido is a legend, but does he still have what it takes to beat Daigo They are both using their first team vehicle, so equipment will not be an excuse. Driving skills aside, both Daigo and Orido’s vehicles are also acknowledged to be two of the most advanced drift-built in the industry.


Manabu “Max” Orido started out as an underground street racer and then made his way to the D1 Grand Prix judges’ table and also into the world of professional Japanese GT Championship (JGTC) racing. Orido’s drifting career kicked off after he won the Japanese Carboy drift contest. He stars in those popular Japanese drifting DVDs too.


Orido will be driving his Supra and representing Team RSR Japan. Here’s what Executive Director and Team Principal of RSR Japan, Kengo Terai has to say:


Q: Why the move for Team RSR into the FD Asia series?

A: RSR has been a leading automotive and tuning parts company in Japan for some time now. We have been running a top-end professional team in the Formula Drift USA series ever since the USA scene began. Southeast Asia is now a growing market and a very important area of growth for us. I attended Formula Drift Singapore event earlier this year and was really impressed with the event marketing, set-up and audience response, hence made the decision to send a team into the Asia series.


Q: What are your expectations for Orido for this round in Malaysia?

A: Malaysia will be his maiden round in Formula Drift Asia, but he will be piloting the RSR Supra which is a platform he had great involvement in during the building process. We have overhauled the car and hopefully have made the correct adjustments and modifications required for the Malaysian set-up and climate. I really am confident about our chances on getting to the podium, but ultimately our main goal is to make sure he brings his unique combination of aggressive and smooth driving style that is he so well known for. We want to put on a good show for the fans!


Daigo and Robbie Nishida are already aware that Orido is coming to compete at Formula Drift Malaysia. What’s their take on it?


Q: You would have already heard that Max Orido is taking part in Formula Drift Malaysia with his RSR Supra. What do you make of that?

Robbie: Max is a huge motorsports celebrity – he drives in so many different disciplines like Super GT and WTCC and he has a huge fanbase. From the series perspective, I am glad he is coming – it really shows that the Formula Drift Asia events put up by the guys at Driftpac and ESPN is truly world class. There is a lot of hype right now in Japan and USA (the original stronghold for pro drifting) about the kind of coverage and development the Formula Drift Asia series is making. On a personal basis though, I have driven against Orido a few times. In fact, he was my tandem battle opponent in Japan twice and once in the USA.  For the record, our head to head record is 2 to 1, with me being 2 of course! So, if we do meet again in Malaysia, I want to make sure it will be 3 to 1!

Daigo: Orido and I have been drifting in the same competition in Japan for quite some time, but the funny thing is that we have never met each other during the tandem battle stages. What I like about Max is that he is a multi-faceted driver and drives many different forms of cars and tracks all the time, so I am sure he will have no issues adapting to the Malaysia layout. Max has a large following in Malaysia, so I am hoping that I can draw some of his fans to my end this time round instead!


Formula Drift Malaysia 2011 is coming up on 17 and 18 December at Dataran Merdeka from 10am to 6pm. Get your tickets at!

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