Formula Drift Indonesia 2011: Ken Gushi drives Orido’s RSR Supra again

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Formula Drift USA regular Ken Gushi returns to Asia for his second Formula Drift Asia entry in Indonesia. This time he represented Team RSR Japan with Manabu Orido’s Toyota Supra.

316909_280133555354222_131620790205500_880245_893258950_nIt isn’t Ken’s first time drifting this Supra – he drove it at the Formula Drift Invitational in Abu Dhabi earlier this year (See video by GT Channel here). Ken was driving for Team SPARK Motorsports at Formula Drift Singapore where he finished third after losing to Daigo Saito in the semi-final, but at Formula Drift Indonesia he had the honour of driving the RSR Supra again!

385080_280131292021115_131620790205500_880190_544529876_nI read about this car online and watched videos of it, but it’s something else to see it for yourself ‘in person’ (ok, ‘in metal’ for this case).

374478_280191258681785_131620790205500_880508_1460237921_nKen was enjoying himself, putting in really good and strong runs during practice. Once, he even put a finger up when he drifted past the judging booth (drawing big laughs from the FD USA peeps like Ryan Sage, Jaron DeAnda and Dai Yoshihara). Of course, he got into trouble for doing that and was given a warning not to do it again – for safety reasons, he must keep his hands in the car at all times.

381224_196150510462016_136897453053989_445051_896287514_nThis sick RSR Supra was built by and for Manabu Orido in Japan in 2005. It is built for drift and is supposedly easy to drive! 


The executive director of RSR Japan, Kengo Terai, was there as well to show support:


Ken, as always, was a joy to be around, bringing laughter to everyone around him with his great sense of humour. 


377974_280132908687620_131620790205500_880231_1620699861_nHowever, Ken only managed to qualify 14th – he made a mistake on his first qualifying run and scored a fat zero, hence having to play it safe in the second run to make sure he makes it to the Top 32.


See video of Ken’s second qualifying run:



Going up against Indonesian rookie drifter Regi Fiandisa Anggoro (aka Rendiza) in the Round of 32, Ken gained the advantage with his impressive lead run.


303117_280191292015115_131620790205500_880509_975345550_nThen the heartbreaking moment came during the chase – Ken came in hot on Rendiza’s heels, but got a bit too hot and ended up making contact with Rendiza. His front bumper flew off and his oil cooler burst, ruining the rest of the chase run. That pretty much ended Ken’s journey for the weekend in Jakarta.

317012_280192718681639_131620790205500_880551_1481031270_nSee video of Ken’s battle in the Round of 32 against Rendiza where he made a fatal error that ended his FD Indonesia journey:



I was looking forward to seeing Ken battle with Daigo, just like in Singapore, but shit happens and that’s drifting. 

296804_280131748687736_131620790205500_880201_1247899491_nNo worries, I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots more of Ken in this side of the world!

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