Formula Drift Indonesia 2011: Indonesia’s female drifting darling Alinka learnt drifting in a Toyota Yaris!

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Formula Drift Asia sees its second ever female participant finally – Alinka Hardianti of Indonesia.

317499_279322198768691_131620790205500_877215_1019704461_nPreviously, the only female drifter in Formula Drift Asia is Malaysian Jane Cheah, whose husband Ariff Johanis is a leading drifter in Malaysia. 


The eldest of three children to Indonesia’s first drift king Didi Hardianti, it is no surprise that 19-year-old Alinka would pick up drifting. What you probably wouldn’t expect is – Alinka started drifting with a Toyota Yaris!


She started competing in driving since the age of 15, getting her race licence before her driving licence, in slalom and gymkhana events. Sponsored by Toyota Motosport, she had a Toyota Yaris for these events. 

40072_432037543576_294273363576_4817226_2789633_nThen in 2009, her father taught her the basics of drifting with that Yaris. She then went on to develop her drifting skills through videos and other fellow Indonesian drifters. 


Her first time drifting in a RWD car was only sometime in February this year, when she got behind the wheel of the Nissan Cefiro A31 – which she used for Formula Drift Indonesia.


“I felt scared the first time I drove this car (the Cefiro A31) but I felt better after I saw the roll cage and was then strapped in with the harness. This car was actually built for Ju of Red Bull Achilles Drift Team Thailand but it was given to me to use and compete instead. Now I want to know the car better so I can improve on my drifting too,” she told me in between signing autographs at Formula Drift Indonesia on Sunday.

382075_280192858681625_131620790205500_880554_1819664614_nIn fact, her first time in this Cefiro A31 was at a competition!


Alinka qualified 20th of the Top 32, putting some of the guys to shame. Her first battle in the Round of 32 was against Pond of Red Bull Achilles Drift Team Thailand, where she was knocked out. Nonetheless, her fierce drifting style caught the attention of many.


293414_280136005353977_131620790205500_880322_336141910_nSaid Formula Drift USA 2011 champion and official judge of Formula Drift Asia Daijiro Yoshihara of Alinka, “This chick has potential; she has an aggressive style and I think she drifts more ‘manly’ than me!”


She hopes to compete at Formula Drift Malaysia in December, but that depends on her sponsors so fingers crossed! I would like to see her go up against Jane though, now that would be interesting wouldn’t it?


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