Formula Drift Indonesia 2011: Helping Dai raise funds for RFJP!

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Formula Drift USA 2011 champion Dai Yoshihara continued his fund raising efforts for Relief for Japan (RFJP) at Formula Drift Indonesia, lugging a luggage load of t-shirts all the way to Jakarta to sell.


During the break before the Top 32 battles on Saturday, the pits were open to public for a walkabout so Dai set up a booth at the pit entrance, next to the official Formula Drift Asia merchandise booth.



Dai was signing the t-shirts and taking photos with fans, adding great value to their charitable efforts! I was telling Dai that he should aim to finish selling all the t-shirts so that he need not bring them all the way back to USA. He agreed and said he will try his best to!


There are 3 designs for the t-shirt:


Like them? You can get them on the RFJP website:


As a judge, Dai had to return to race control early (which was all the way at the other side of the track) but there were still people crowding round the booth and showing interest in the t-shirts. Not wanting him to miss any opportunities, I told him to get back to the judging booth and that I would help him to attend to the remaining customers and then pack him for him after.


Guess what?


I managed to finish selling ALL the t-shirts in the next half hour! Hooray:)


I actually bought the last size S t-shirt for myself but someone wanted it so I gave it up. Then, I was wearing this Formula Drift lanyard that I bought in the States when I went for the opening round at Long Beach. This guy begged me so hard for it and I ended up giving it to him when he bought one of the RFJP t-shirts. LOL!


When I got back to race control and passed Dai the money box, you should have seen his face when I told him that I finished selling all of the t-shirts. The first thing he said was, “Omg I love you!” LOL again.


Since the t-shirts were sold out, Dai took the money box and went around collecting donations in exchange for some RFJP stickers. I forgot to ask him for some stickers to give away on my website! Also, I hope he has some more of the RFJP t-shirts in size S in stock for me!


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