Formula Drift Indonesia 2011: 19-year-old Indonesian drifters Alinka and Armando are engaged.. to each other!

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She kicks ass in the Indonesian motorsport scene, whether it’s in slalom, gymkhana or drifting. Alinka Hardianti is only 19 years old and the sweet young face probably attracts the hearts of many men, but sorry guys – she’s taken!


Yes, Alinka is not just attached, but is engaged to fellow Indonesian drifter Muhammad Rulli Armando (aka Super Drift Boy Dido) who is her team-mate as well as a national drifting champion.

311927_280199245347653_131620790205500_880652_1951570106_nTalk about young love.


On Saturday, I saw them hugging just before going out for competition, but I thought that’s just a normal good luck hug between good friends so I didn’t think much of it. Then on Sunday after I interviewed her in the pits, Armando kissed her on the cheek before he went out for his Top 16 Drivers’ Parade and still it didn’t occur to me that they were an official item (I’m usually a lot sharper than this – I think the sun and the heat fried my brain some). 


Then during the post-event press conference, Armando was on stage for photo opportunities when someone pushed Alinka up with him, followed by a string of cat calls and wolf whistles. Someone shouted, “Best female Indonesian drifter Alinka, but too bad she’s taken!” and then someone else told me that yes, they are engaged. 




As I was processing my photos at the end of the day, I realised I have photographic evidence! If you look closely at the next two photos, you will notice the same silver band on both their left fourth fingers.


376251_280192548681656_131620790205500_880548_558199500_nWhen prompted about when their engagement was and how long they have been together, both parties remained tight-lipped. 


They probably met through motorsports and the romance blossomed between them!



283210_10150267345009827_553919826_7428874_4852371_nI found some photos of them on the internet and it’s no secret that they are together – they were probably just shy when I asked them about it.


Well it’s sweet that they found romance amid their passion for motorsports and hey age doesn’t matter right? So stop judging already!


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