Filming with Motor Tracks: Day 1 at Coco Kart & Bar

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After watching All Star Drift, I stayed on in Bangkok for four more days, making it a six-night stay in the beautiful two-bedroom suite at lebua at State Tower. I was on the 58th floor and the views of Bangkok city was gorgeous albeit cluttered. Anyway, I will blog about lebua separately – all that luxury deserves a post of its own!


I extended my stay because Motor Tracks invited me for two days of filming with them. They needed Monday to rest up after the crazy weekend so I had Monday to myself – clearing work, hitting the gym and then interviewing the CEO of lebua before dinner with the PR director. 


Tuesday and Wednesday was set aside for filming with Motor Tracks and boy was I excited! I wanted to be myself so I had no make-up on. Day One was done at Coco Kart & Bar, this place used to be called Sugar Beats or something. 

284618_239902656043979_131620790205500_755493_6332577_nIt’s an indoor karting outlet (950 metres long) with a bar, restaurant and even pool tables. I’ve never tried indoor karting before and was told that it is very very slippery. In fact, they call it Drift Go-Kart because it’s soooo slippery in there!


I brought my pretty helmet and gloves all the way to Bangkok just for this filming and was so proud to show it to the camera! :)

250255_239901452710766_131620790205500_755455_156227_nHow did this all come about? Let me explain…


Bee, the main host for Motor Tracks, first noticed me at Formula Drift Singapore 2009 at Changi Exhibition Centre. As usual, I was dressed in a pink tank top and white shorts, plus I was one of the few female journalists around so it wasn’t difficult to spot me! Bee found this interesting as the media in Thailand are very scared of the sun and often covered themselves up in long-sleeved t-shirts and pants.


While I was interviewing Marcus they secretly zoomed the camera in on me! Thereafter, at every Formula Drift Singapore and Formula Drift Malaysia, they continued to secretly film me. I missed both Formula Drift Thailand events, otherwise they might have known me personally earlier. Motor Tracks was the organiser for Formula Drift Thailand the last two years you see. They also organise the Michelin tyre launches in Thailand and have seen me at the PilotSport 3 launch last year as well as the Energy XM2 launch this year.


Anyway, better late than never, it was through Max that I got to watch the Motor Tracks DVDs with me being stalked and then Max introduced me to them. Finally, after all that secret stalking, they get to know me personally. 


Hence, the purpose of the filming was to give a closure to all these ‘secret filming’ by bringing me onto the show and introducing me proper to the fans of Motor Tracks. Apparently I have a little fan club too, after all that ‘secret filming’!


Before going out to kart, we had a sit-down interview to chat with me and find out more about me. They wanted me in a dress and heels, something unlike what I usually wear to the track. 

285109_239900326044212_131620790205500_755423_5995600_nI brought a long sleek black dress and a short white number which they preferred.

249276_239900422710869_131620790205500_755428_503607_nThe interview was hilarious because their command of English is weak and I don’t know a word of Thai. They actually brought dictionaries, including a talking dictionary, to try and facilitate conversation between us. 


282191_239900452710866_131620790205500_755429_262984_nThey didn’t get my name right either – calling Sherrie instead of Cheryl – so I had the chance to clarify my name. It was a super funny sit-down interview and I shan’t reveal more.. Let’s wait for the DVD to be out and I’ll do a giveaway contest so some of you can get to watch it ok? :)  

228872_239900519377526_131620790205500_755432_444048_nI can’t remember the story here, but that expression of mine is pretty priceless! Alright, it was on to go-karting next! 

185458_239902299377348_131620790205500_755478_21722_nThe challenge was to kart against the three of them on this indoor go-kart track and see who clocks the fastest time. But before that, there was a challenge to see who could gear up the fastest. Our helmets and gloves were placed far away around the track and we had to run to collect them. One of them, Mai, took one side of my gloves and hid it so I couldn’t find it!! URGH!!

254664_239902479377330_131620790205500_755486_1609107_nAll geared up now, we were ready to hit the track!


RAAR! I have to make sure I had my gloves on because my blisters weren’t fully healed yet.

224564_239902066044038_131620790205500_755471_4139442_nI was using my brand new customised Stand21 gloves for the first time and it felt so good!

263367_239902029377375_131620790205500_755470_461425_nThe track was super slippery!! I was drifting most of the time.. We had about 20 minutes on the track – 10 minutes to film and 10 minutes to play proper. I was second fastest, 0.3 seconds slower than Mai! :( He’s a Prius racer and has loads more driving experience than me, but still, I wanna have more time to learn the track and beat him! Oh well…


It was good fun and I totally enjoyed myself. We had another sit-down interview after karting, just to have a chat and conclude things. I wasn’t prepared for it and had my hair all sweaty and sticking to my head!

267201_239902722710639_131620790205500_755496_420837_nThis time they wanted to ask me deeper questions like what I think of the motorsports scene in Thailand etc. so they had Eve sit beside me as my translator. Eve is Max’s secretary and a good friend of Motor Tracks too.. she was in a bikini segment for one of their issues before! They also asked why I don’t like to use make up… Haha good observation!

185375_239902899377288_131620790205500_755504_1397941_nIt was an awesome time with Motor Tracks and despite the language barrier we still had loads of fun! I really can’t wait for this issue to be out, I think it will be a blast watching it. I laughed so hard during the filming that I teared..

185377_239903076043937_131620790205500_755511_1239888_nThey have a team of hosts and they take turns, but Bee is always the main host (Bee is the one on my left). I had Dee (extreme left in picture) who is Bee’s younger brother and Mai (behind me) who is a real cutie at heart. 


Motor Tracks films everything – behind the scenes, candid etc. They have more than one camera and there’s always a camera trained on me, so I’m sure there are silly moments off camera but caught on camera – get what I mean? 


That was it for Day One.. stay tuned for Day Two of filming with Motor Tracks at Khao Yai!


To have a go at Coco Kart & Bar, here are more details:


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