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When I saw the email in my inbox reading “Johnnie Walker invites you to the Jet Black party on 21 April“, I felt my eyebrows crease into a frown because the Singapore Grand Prix is only in September and I thought the Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party would only be held then, just like it was last year during the Grand Prix period. But surprise surprise, this is not a hoax and indeed, the people at Johnnie Walker very generously threw a season-opener party at the Mercedes-Benz showroom last Saturday night.


The McLaren-Mercedes team that Johnnie Walker is a commercial partner of, started the season well so I guess that calls for a little celebration. Then again, who needs an excuse to party? Especially when it’s a party like that of Johnnie Walker Jet Black…


I missed last year’s party as I had some driver interviews in the F1 paddock (one of which was interviewing Bruno Senna at 2am!!), so I had to go for this one surely. Before the party I was zipping around Singapore with newly-made friends for the AsiaOne Adventure Race (a car rally for singles supported by the Social Development Network -_-”) and after getting caught in the rain, I was hit with a fever of over 38 degrees Celsius by the end of the car rally. I managed to catch some sleep and by the time 9pm rolled around for the party, I was feeling better and made my way over to Alexandra. I’m not much of a party-goer and I can’t remember when the last time I went clubbing was, but I managed to put together a what-I-think-is-fit-for-partying outfit (at least to my opinion it is)… 


Embracing my oriental roots!


There was ample parking space available at the Mercedes-Benz showroom’s multi-storey car park and I was told I could park anywhere except level 2. You know why? After parking my car I joined the queue on the first floor and was chauffeured in these Johnnie Walker Mercedes-Benz cars that took us up to level 2 where the party was! Now you know.. 


Before going in, we had the opportunity to take a photo with the Johnnie Walker girls and the sexy Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG! These were printed onto credit card-sized photo cards for us to keep as souvenirs after, and we were also given the photo number so we could download it from a website.


Our entry passes each had a code which we could use to register online using our Facebook accounts, so that the photos we take at the various photo booths at the party would be directly uploaded to our Facebook profiles/pages. Cool?


The entrance walkway into the party was this sound tunnel with overhead speakers of the Formula 1 racing cars, making you feel like you were there in the pictures.



… and we’re in!




Can you count how many Johnnie Walker logos there are?



The Johnnie Walker girls were cute!



I was there with Zurina Bryant, Derrick Siu, Kelvin Kuan and we bumped around with Oli Pettigrew, Linda Black, Paula Robinson at Angel Teo‘s VIP table. Thank you Angel! She had this very nice personalised VIP stand with her name on it…

578750_394346380599605_131620790205500_1184162_1728691137_n574819_10150711372272634_292053227633_9898336_1182000581_nZurina, Derrick, Kelvin and I then went to check out the photo booths…



I didn’t stay too late (till about midnight) because I started to feel miserable again, but I had a wonderful time despite the raging internal body temperatures I was experiencing. Thank you Johnnie Walker for the party and for thinking of me while drawing up the invite list! :)


Till the next Johnnie Walker Jet Black party!

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