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We caught up with Lynne Toh during an intermediate training clinic hosted by Tribob at Changi last month. Although she’s new to the sport, that didn’t stop her from registering for her first cycling competition – the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011.

Find out how she’s feeling and what she has been up to prior to the competition…




Name: Lynne Toh
Age: 42
Occupation: Human Resources
Company: Energiser Singapore
Marital Status: Single


Cheryl Tay: Is this your first time taking part (in the OCBC cycle)?
Lynne Toh: Yes.


CT: Have you taken part in any other cycling competitions?
LT: No. It’s my very very first time. Everything is a first – My first bicycle, my first race.


CT: Why did you decide to join the OCBC cycle?
LT: I have never done it before so I want to try it out see how it is like. I used to take part in those 10km runs. I’ve never been to these kind of cycle events so I want to give it a try.


CT: So why cycling?
LT: I can’t run anymore as my knee has some injuries so I decided to do something else.


CT: How often do you train?
LT: Wow, seriously I have not been training. I’m supposed to train every week but due to work commitments, I haven’t been able to train. I guess now I have to start every week already, no time!


CT: How much have you spent on cycling so far?
LT: I’ve spent about $600 on my bike and all.


CT: What other sports do you play?
LT: I play golf and I still try my run but not that much anymore. I also go swimming.


CT: What benefits do you think cycling brings?
LT: It’s a form of good exercise and networking. I have made new friends and the networking opportunities are great.


CT: What do you think can be done about the safety of cycling?
LT: Actually I’m kind of scared when I ride on the road because I’m a driver myself so sometimes I’m afraid I would bump into them. At the same time I’m afraid that someone will bump into me.

It would be better if they can designate a lane for cyclists but I don’t think that will happen. I think continuous education is essential, such as educating the drivers to give way to the cyclists.


CT: As a cyclist, what do you think you can do to improve your own safety?
LT: I want to be safe while riding, so I buy the things that will help me stay safe. One has to invest in necessary safety mechanisms to protect one’s own life.

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