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Sport training company Tribob is the official trainer for the 2011 OCBC Cycle Singapore and they have a series of different clinic programmes – from beginner to advanced – to help participants prepare for the upcoming race. There is even a kids’ camp and a safety clinic.


I went down to observe the intermediate clinic held on 29 January at Changi Ferry Terminal. The purpose of this training was to build endurance and develop group racing skills such as drafting, maneuvering and accelerating.


At the clinic, I managed to speak with three participants of varied backgrounds – Joshua Ng, a student; Lynne Toh from Energiser who is a sponsor of the event and Jayson Chua, a logistics manager who only recently picked up cycling and will be taking part in the OCBC Cycle Singapore for the first time.


Today, Joshua, the leader of his school’s cycling club, shares with us about his repeat participation in the OCBC Cycle Singapore…


Name: Joshua Ng
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
School: Singapore Polytechnic
Marital Status: Single


Cheryl Tay: Is there your first time taking part in OCBC Cycle Singapore?
Joshua Ng: Nope, this is my second time. I took part last year too.


CT: Why did you take part in the OCBC Cycle Singapore?
JN: Previously it was to compete and for the passion. Now it’s still for the passion but more for fun. This is the only cycling competition I’ve ever participated in.


CT: How much have you spent on cycling?
JN: From the start to today? About less than $10,000.


CT: How often do you train?
JN: Right now, mostly cycling training about once or twice a week for about five hours depending on the distance, and the occasional gym session. My school cycling club meets up every week to train together.


CT: Do you cycle on the road?
JN: I cycle on all sorts of terrain.


CT: What benefits does cycling bring?
JN: Competitive benefits? It trains your stamina and your calf muscles. It also increases awareness on the road as you tend to look out more when on the road and this directly improves driving alertness.


CT: What do you think can be done for Singapore’s safety in cycling?
JN: They should open up cycling expressways, like lanes dedicated to cycling. Good idea right?


CT: How do you think you can improve safety as a cyclist yourself?
JN: Drivers should be aware that the roads aren’t meant for them only but are also for cyclists. It’s a shared road and although cyclists don’t pay road tax, it’s still public road so there should be a certain amount of respect that they should give. Of course cyclists should give a certain amount of respect to the drivers as well.


CT: How similar do you think competitive cycling is to F1 driving?
JN: That’s different man. That’s super different. F1 is about racing and is not readily available anywhere any day at anytime you want, unlike cycling. As for cycling, it can be done leisurely or at anytime you want.


CT: What about in terms of mental preparation? Like psychologically?
JN: Yes, the concept of racing is the same everywhere. You just aim for the winners’ row and for the satisfaction.


Look out for Lynne’s and Jayson’s interviews next week!

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