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Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


After all that karting and banging around, I’m sure I’m not the only one with aching muscles and bruises from last night’s audition for CTMC2! Racing Angels. A thorough discussion was held between the three judges and myself, with the scores tabulated and the votes cast. 


There were a lot of factors to consider, as it wasn’t just outright speed that we are looking at. This is an endurance race team that we are forming, not a sprint 25-lap race. 


Other than myself, the other five drivers selected are…














Is the suspense too much?
















In no particular order:


1. Lemna Parvini Sani

2. Doris Suresh

3. Michelle Kuek

4. Goh May San

5. Nazilah Abd Rahim


This is gonna sound cliche, but it was a tough call to make as there were many good candidates and we had to keep reminding ourselves that it was an endurance race we were looking at. Cool, calm, steady and consistent were the key factors, along with the fitness to last the endurance race.


Comments from the judges:


Lemna Parvini Sani – Very fast and composed; managing to stay out of trouble to win the race.


Doris Suresh – Her background in karting is evident throughout, giving her opponents racing space while strategising her next move. A dependable driver for an endurance race!


Michelle Kuek – Although she had problems with her kart, she fought back quickly and managed to clock a great time during the race, catching up lap after lap.


Goh May San – Her bravery and aggression won us over, especially how she diced and sliced during the race. Her fitness will play an advantage in the four-hour endurance race.


Nazilah Abd Rahim – Very consistent and stable driver with the ability to drive without drama, a big plus point for a long distance race.


Cheryl Tay – She showed significant improvement quickly and has the aggression needed in a race karter. She may be the organiser, but she has earned her place in the team.


Ladies, you will be hearing from me shortly and our journey will begin. Thank you very much to each and every one who turned up for the audition; I appreciate the time and the effort taken to make your way all the way down to Kartright at the far end of Singapore (esp. for those who live in the East).


In the event that any of the five ladies above drop out along the way due to whatever reasons, we might call on the next candidate. 


I enjoyed having all of you ladies around and I look forward to seeing you and your friends at the next Ladies’ Night event! (More events coming your way…)


Oh yes, I didn’t forget the answers to the quiz:


1. What are the two major karting championships that Kartright Speedway is hosting this year?

A: Singapore Karting Championship and OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge. 


2. What is the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge?

A: A four-hour kart endurance race series held over three elimination rounds and a Grand Final. 


3. Who are the main sponsors for CTMC2! Racing and what is the nature of the businesses?

A: MIndCHIC! Club, a sports and hobby enthusiast platform and Cheryl Tay, a motorsports journalist. 


4. What is the blue flag for?

A: Faster kart approaching. 


5. What do you do when you see a yellow flag?

A: Slow down, danger ahead, no overtaking.


6. What is a reverse grid?

A: When the fastest in qualifying starts at the back, eg. there are 10 drivers who qualified P1 to P10. The one who qualified in P1 will start in 10th place at the back of the grid.


7. Name three types of motorsports other than Formula 1 and karting.

A: Rallying, drifting, circuit racing (endurance or Time Attack), motocross etc.


8. How many turns are there at the Kartright track? How many right-hand turns and left-hand turns are there?

A: There are eight turns altogether; six right-hand and two left-hand.


9. What should you do when approaching a right-hand turn?

A: Keep to the left. 

10. How should you hold your steering wheel?

A: “Quarter-to-three” position.


11. How will having the correct driving position help?

A: To avoid fatigue and maximise performance.

12. What is an apex?

A: Where the inside wheels of your kart clips the inside curb of the corner. 



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