CT Motoring Circle welcomes its first female member: Vianna Lugo from Florida, USA

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I feel happy whenever readers of my website or articles write to me with words of encouragement or praise. It makes me feel good knowing that I can reach out to people from anywhere across the globe.. that’s the beauty of the World Wide Web. I’ve received mail from readers from Malaysia, Australia, The Netherlands, India, Germany, UK, France, Hong Kong and more. Some of them have even joined CT Motoring Circle, making it truly international! Both males and females write to me; some with queries, some with suggestions, some with cheeky comments (!!!).


I thought i would feature some of my readers along with the fan mail that i get. CT Motoring Circle is barely a month old and it has transcended international borders. Vianna Lugo from Florida, USA is the first female member and in recognition of that, i just wanted to do a little write-up on her. Vianna wrote to me earlier this year, on 23 July 2010. She stumbled upon my site and in her words, “was so excited to see a female that was passionate enough about motorsports to create this website!” [Thank you V!]


This is Vianna Lugo, my biggest fan from Florida, USA ;)

Her email was titled “MY HERO!” and here’s what she said: “Hi, I am a 19 year old girly girl from Florida USA and I absolutely love cars. I have a manual 2005 Nissan 350z, that I just got in February and I absolutely love my car, I specially love drifting and try to go to as many drift events as possible locally. Many of my friends are males that like drift as well and I know absolutely no other girly girls like me that like cars the way I love them. I work at a car parts store right now and I have two general reactions when guys come in to buy parts: 1) they fall in love immediately or 2) they make fun of me endlessly. I stumbled on to your site and am more than pleased to see there are more women (girly pretty women at that) that love cars like me, I am deeply considering taking this passion and turning it into a career but I know it”s a tough industry and it is even more tough being a female.”


A wide smile spread across my face when i read her email – she sounded so adorably cute and like me, she knows exactly how it feels like to be female in a male-dominated industry. And then we went on with our lives for the next few months – me writing my life away and she having fun in the workshop with the boys! :p


During this time, she unfortunately met with an accident in her yellow 350Z. A really reckless driver cut into her lane and as it was a rainy day, she lost control of her car, swerved into oncoming traffic, slammed into a wall before sliding back onto the corresponding lane. It was a total loss for her Z. HOW TRAGIC:(


As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and through this accident she made a new best friend who works at a great shop near her house. It’s now her new hang-out place and as usual, she’s the only girl there hanging out with the dudes. So what does she drive now then? She just had to get back a Z. This time, she has a newer 350Z, silver and still a manual transmission.

It’s pretty much stock, unless you count her good luck moose called Earnie that hangs from her exhaust tailpipe!


Meet Earnie the lucky moose:

“I’ve been saving up for a loooong time to get a turbocharger for my Z and it looks like “a long time” will end sometime next month!” Vianna told me.


Look hard at the Z in this photo now.. because at the end of next month it might not look the same anymore!

So by the end of next month, her Z of a hunk might be sporting a new turbo, new suspension, new intake and maybe a minor paint job. Can i suggest a PINK paint job Vianna? ;)


I love the Fairlady Z too..

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