[CLOSED] X’MAS GIVEAWAY: 12 gifts for 12 lucky readers!

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic Christmas this weekend:) I’m actually spending some quiet time at home – resting after all that travelling. In the last eight weeks or so, I went from Indonesia to Vietnam to Japan to Malaysia to Macau to Malaysia. I covered endurance racing, drifting, karting and I must have taken more than 20,000 photos!


Anyway, I am glad to be home for a well-deserved year-end break but I have not forgotten you my loyal readers! It is each and every one of you reading this that has driven me to bring the best of motorsports that I can, fuelling me through the cold of the winter and the over-bearing heat in the varying environments that I’m exposed to in my line of work.


I wish I could give all of you a present each and one day I hope I will earn enough recognition and credibility from the industry and its related markets to reward all of you for your wonderful and encouraging support.


For now, I have some gifts to hand out to some lucky readers! Each gift also comes with a limited edition chrome CHERYL TAY sticker:)


1. Daijiro Yoshihara-autographed stickers

Formula Drift USA 2011 champion Daijiro Yoshihara kindly autographed my CHERYL TAY Black Series stickers so I could give them away to one lucky reader! [Read my recent interview with him here]


2. Formula Drift Asia sticker bomb t-shirt (ladies size S only)
You would have seen me wear this t-shirt a couple of times already – both at Formula Drift Indonesia and Malaysia. I’m wearing size S – so if you would like to get one for your girlfriend, wife or daughter, here’s your chance to get it! It is only sold at Formula Drift Asia events and the next one will be in 2012 so till then, this t-shirt is unattainable. How’s that for playing hard to get? ;)


3. Rev Junkie’s “LONGER HARDER FASTER SEXIER” t-shirt (White, men’s size L only)
I first set my eyes on this tee at the Hypertune booth at Formula Drift Malaysia and I told myself I have to buy some back for my readers. My mind’s always thinking of what I can get to give to you guys! Especially things that are not easily available…


4. Formula Drift USA cap (size S only)
I got this when I was in Long Beach earlier this year for the US series season opener. It is universal – for both men and women. S is a bit big for me but it should fit Asian heads!


5. Michelin Digital Tyre Gauge Key Ring and Air Freshener
It is very important to regularly check your tyre pressure as under- as well as over-inflated tyres can affect fuel economy of your car. With fuel prices rising, every little bit counts.


6. Hello Kitty drinks holder for the car
I bought this at Super Autobacs on my recent trip to Tokyo – I already have one in my car, although mine’s white. It fits into the air-con vents and can fit a standard 500ml pet bottle or a 350ml drink can.


7. Volkswagen Passat book: 120 ways to be at your best
This is quite an interesting book that teaches you how a man should groom himself the way he should take care of his car.


8. Top Gear ‘The Stig’ car air freshener


9. Manchester United glass coasters


10. Manchester United luggage tag
Whoever wins this, please make sure you tag this onto your hand luggage and not your check-in bags. The one that I used to have on my check-in luggage got stolen when I took budget airline AirAsia. You should have heard me curse and swear when my bag emerged on the conveyer belt without the Manchester United luggage tag.


11. Drifting tank top (Light blue, ladies size M only)


12. The Cheryl Tay Mystery Gift
Like how some restaurants have the Chef’s Special on their menu, I have the Mystery Gift on this giveaway list! Want to take the chance? It can be anything from a set of stickers to a date with me! ;)


How to win yourself these gifts? Just email me at info@cheryl-tay.com, telling me when you started reading my blog and why you like so much. Also, rank the top five gifts in order of which one you would like most. If there are more than five items that you want then go ahead and list beyond five. I will then do a random balloting!


Remember to include your full name, I/C no., nationality, mailing address, contact no. and email address. This contest is open to anyone across the globe and postage costs will be covered by me!


Closing date: 31 December 2011


Meanwhile, go easy on the turkey!

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