Clementi and Bukit Timah crowned worst suburbs for morning commute

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I’m sure you’ll agree that a lot can change in 2 minutes. Traffic congestion is a reality but how do you know which roads to avoid?


TomTom today releases a study on travel times in Singapore. Find out which suburb has the worst traffic? Which suburb has the best? How much time does congestion cost you in the morning? How to pick the best alternative routes and travel times? 


With Singaporeans perpetually not happy with the traffic situation, having better information about traffic conditions might help relief some frustration!


Study from TomTom shows best and worst travel times on Singapore’s roads

Singapore, December 7, 2011 - TomTom, the world’s leading provider of in-car location and navigation products and services, today announced a study on travel times to and from Singapore suburbs during peak traffic.


Clementi was the worst suburb for the morning commute, with travel time nearly two and a half times longer (147 percent increase) during the busy period compared to times when there was no traffic*.


Bukit Timah, Bishan and Jurong West came in second, third and fourth worst for the average commute with traffic times more than doubling, compared to off peak.


The area least affected by morning traffic was Tampines, where travel times to the city increased 35 percent in rush hour, compared to times when traffic was free-flowing. However, while Tampines enjoyed an easy commute in the morning, the journey home in evening rush hour put them at the top of the list for worst traffic, with the commute from the city nearly doubling in travel time (96 percent increase).


“A large number of people in Singapore commute to and from the city centre every day. By highlighting areas worst affected by congestion, we hope to inspire and enable people to consider alternative routes and departure times,” said Valerie Cross, TomTom Asia Pacific PR Manager.


TomTom analysts found that all of the suburbs investigated were affected by traffic during the morning and afternoon busy periods.


Bukit Timah and Clementi came in second and third places for the worst affected commuters in the evening, reflecting the experience of their morning drive times. Those on the road to Changi Airport area saw lighter traffic relative to the rest of Singapore, however their journey times still increased by 44 percent over the evening rush hour.


“With the roads in Singapore becoming increasing congested, drivers are always looking for alternative routes to make the commute shorter. Drivers can easily use TomTom IQ Routes technology to find alternative travel paths,” said Cross.


“Data from our users provides historical speed profiles so we know what’s actually happening on Singapore’s roads every minute of every day and the speed the roads are moving. TomTom’s IQ routes technology analyses this data and provides drivers with alternative routes, where a faster option exists. By looking at the real speeds on the roads, IQ Routes gives the smartest way, any time of day,” Cross added.


IQ Routes is available on all TomTom GPS products, mobile applications and maps in Singapore.


Travel times from the suburbs were measured to and from a central point: Raffles Place, Singapore. Travel times in the two busiest periods, between 8-9 am and 5-7pm, were compared with the quietest period between 1-5am. (* Based on percentage difference in travel time 8-9am compared with 1-5am.)


About the Survey


TomTom has studied data from anonymous travel statistics from its users during a 6-month period starting in September 2010 and compared daily travel times for commuters to and from various suburbs on weekdays.


The average actual travel time during peak to downtown in the morning and return in the afternoon has been compared to how quickly the trip goes when traffic is free flowing.


The tables rank the suburbs by how much time it takes to travel during peak hours versus no traffic at all.


This information is based on anonymous data collected, with consent, from TomTom users. It consists of the actual speed data from vehicles equipped with a TomTom GPS who drove on the roads surveyed. The recorded travel times are an average of all measurements along the route during the relevant time intervals.


The same data forms the basis of TomTom’s intelligent routing technology, IQ Routes, that provides the driver with the currently most efficient route. Globally, TomTom now has over 4 trillion velocity profiles and the database grows by 5 billion speed measurements every day.



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