Chris Song tackles OCBC Cycle S’pore for the first time

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Having been into mountain bikes for more than 15 years, Chris Song has since switched to cycling on the roads.


The 55-year-old sales director decided to further challenge himself by taking part in the 40km category of the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011.




Cycling every day before he goes to work, Chris also cycles almost 40km twice a week as part of training.


Fit and healthy for his age, Chris is all ready to take on the course after attending the Tribob intermediate clinic and familiarising himself with the route… 


Name: Chris Song

Gender: Male

Age: 55

Occupation: Sales Director


Cheryl Tay: Is this the first time you are taking part in the OCBC Cycle Singapore?

Chris Song: Yes it is, I’ll be taking part in the 40km category.


CT: What made you want to take part?

CS: Cycling has been a long-time hobby for me. I have over 15 years of experience in mountain bikes and only recently started cycling on the streets.


CT: Have you taken part in other cycling events or competitions before?

CS: Not yet!


CT: How and why did you start cycling?

CS: I started cycling since my secondary school days.


CT: How do you expect to perform at this year’s OCBC Cycle Singapore?

CS: I expect to complete it in good time.


CT: What have you been doing to prepare for the OCBC Cycle Singapore?

CS: I cycle every morning before I go to work.


CT: What kind of training have you been doing?

CS: I’ve been cycling about 33 to 38km twice a week.


CT: Where do you normally cycle?

CS: East Coast and Upper Thomson areas.


CT: Is this your first Tribob training clinic?

CS: Yes this is my first one. I signed up to find out what it is about and also to take the opportunity to explore and familiarise myself with the route.


CT: What benefits does cycling as a sport bring?

CS: Fitness benefits of course and helping me to stay trim.


CT: What do you think can be done about safety for cyclists on the road in Singapore?

CS: The bus lane should be converted to share with cyclists as well.


CT: After attending this clinic, are you feeling more prepared?

CS: Yes, I have learnt how to tackle the course better, such as sprinting on the highway. I noticed there are no steep areas within the course except for the part when approaching Marina Bay Sands. Pace yourself and try to keep up with someone in front to see how he or she handles the course.




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