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Autobacs is already in Singapore and I was impressed with its concept of a one-stop automotive solution – with accessories and parts for sale, servicing bays and new/used car showroom. 


It may sound like a perfect wholesome car service provider, but the running costs will be high and if these are passed on to consumers at marked-up prices, drivers can just go back to their preferred individual workshops. 


In February earlier this year, I visited the Autobacs store in Yokohama (read about it here) and I enjoyed running around in it because it was just so big! Well, on this trip to Japan (my third visit to Japan this year) I went to the largest Autobacs store in Japan!


It is also the only store owned by Autobacs HQ; the rest are franchises.


I already caught a glimpse of the huge Super Autobacs signage when I drove by on the motorway, but this is what greeted me when the GPS led me to my desired destination:


It consists of the main building where the parts and accessories take up the second and third levels, while the first level are all the servicing bays. The black building to the right of the photo is the new/used car showroom and in the other corner is Ricoland – Rider’s Community Land. Owned and run by Autobacs, it is basically the Autobacs for bikes with the same concept – parts and accessories for sale as well as servicing.


More of the outside:







Now to explore the second and third level of parts and accessories for the car! From something as simple as an air freshener to the final stages of tuning and modification… I got dizzy from the seemingly endless rows and rows of trinkets!


I browsed a little in every row and found interesting stuff like this Hello Kitty GPS for example – if it was wearing a pink ribbon I would have gone for it!


I spotted my favourite section at the end of the corridor and spent some time there:


Immediately next to this section was the racing corner with helmets, driving shoes, etc.:


And also a whole range of seats:


Rims anyone?


And for the ‘tiong chia’ (Hokkien for modify car) section..




On to level 3, custom car parts for European cars!





I thought the signboards could have been made better though – they look kinda cheapo with the plastic-ky covers! They also had all the official merchandise from European car marques:




391037_295423867158524_131620790205500_921555_743322274_nI was this close to buying that pink VW bottle, this close! I didn’t get it eventually, but everything else in my loot was pretty much pink:


Haha so the next time you sit in my car – that is, if you have the chance to – don’t complain of too much pink!!


I don’t ride bikes, but I went to check out the Ricoland anyway – the Autobacs for riders…



386932_295424693825108_131620790205500_921562_821598410_nThey even have a whole section just for lady riders (spot the pink sign in the photo above)!


I spent about two hours just walking around and checking out each row of stuff – I would have stayed there longer if my tummy didn’t growl for lunch! 


If you are in the Odaiba area the next time, head down to this huge Autobacs – worth the visit! Remember your credit cards as well…


Here’s the address:




That’s Tokyo Bay Shinonome – open until 9pm every day!


Have fun! 




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