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If I hadn’t already told you, I actually have a name for my car. Yes, it is called the CTmobile (that’s right, I was inspired by the Batmobile!), simply because it has my logo plastered across the sides:

486512_451525634881679_60142669_nBy the way, the hearts and flowers were inspired by Hello Kitty. 

425174_451525508215025_609420224_nThis is the last you will be seeing of the CHERYL TAY stickers though, because it has since gone to Autovox Paint & Repair Centre for a major aesthetic overhaul. As you’re reading this now, it is being stripped down and will be sporting a new ‘dress’ soon!


That was me ‘doing the honours’ of peeling the first of the stickers off :(


Before I sent the car in, I did this simple photoshoot for it and I noticed how the surface of my car is still pretty shiny!


Sometime in late February, my CTmobile had the opportunity to experience a grooming session by Beacon Enterprise, the exclusive distributor for Permanon in Singapore. Permanon is a German brand that specialises in protecting many non-porous surfaces – not just cars, but also yachts, airplanes, trains, buildings and swimming pools..


The guys from Beacon Enterprise spent an afternoon grooming my car at the convenience of my preferred location, using the Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant, as well as their in-house formulations – the Brilliant 2-in-1 shampoo and gloss enhancer. With Permanon Aircraft Supershine Brilliant, you just need one product to get your car surface, windscreens and tyre rims protected. It can even be used on your car interior surfaces. It is a proper nano sealant and not a quick detailer wax.

Aircraft_SupershineI feel that the greatest benefit of using Permanon is its easy maintenance. Instead of having to purchase grooming packages, car owners just need to get the DIY kit. Thereafter, the next 3 to 6 months after the initial grooming session, there is no need to have another two-hour grooming session and you can just easily do your own maintenance (that takes no more than 45 minutes) with a DIY kit. If you feel that you don’t have time to even do the DIY sessions, then you can just use water to rinse.


For more details on Permanon and the entire experience by Beacon Enterprise, please read my previous post here.


I’ll be frank here – I never used the DIY kit at all since the grooming session, only using water to wash the car. 4 months of that and my car still looks like this:


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