Cars and girls of SIN return after two-year hiatus

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Fans of import rides and models have been anxiously waiting and frequently asking when the next Super Import Nights (SIN) will be. SIN is a homegrown aftermarket automotive exhibition with a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories, modified cars and of course, car show models.


After a two-year break, SIN returns for its fourth instalment on 25 to 27 May 2012 at Singapore Expo Hall 3. As they get extremely busy preparing for the show, I managed to squeeze a quick word with Simon Foo and Chris Ang of Three Angles Production, the men behind this show.

630threeanglesprod_sinGirls are one of the biggest attractions at the Super Import Nights auto show.


Q: When was the last SIN?

A: The last SIN was held in September 2009, a week before the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, also at Singapore Expo. Our first show was in 2007.


Q: Why the pause?

A: 2010 was a bad year with unstable market conditions and the outlook for the car market was bleak. Hence we decided to watch the market longer.


Simon Foo (centre) with some race queens of SIN.


Q: What have you been up to since the last SIN then?
A: We are an events company and we manage different entertainment services for corporate clients. For example, we plan gala dinners and promote concerts. There was an intention to bring SIN back in 2011, but we decided to focus on other aspects of the company. Last year, we were promoting “Desire Tour — Raymond Lam Live in Singapore 2011″ and “Voca People Singapore Tour 2011″.


Q: What’s new about this year’s SIN?
We have a different focus now — there has been a shift in taste in the last two years and we are witnessing an increase in interest in the Continental car segment. Previously, the ratio of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) mods to Continental mods was 70:30. This time, it’s the other way around. As a result, our exhibitor list is also different, with more Euro tuning names and brands. Expect cool deals for a wide range of aftermarket products and accessories ranging from performance-enhancing gadgets, wheels, tyres, lubricants, solar films and audio systems.


For the stage, we had a bikini babe challenge the last time, but we have made it bigger now and we are having a Miss SIN Search with a Facebook contest that started in the lead-up to the show. We also tied up with local pole dance school, Acro Polates, for SG Pole Challenge which will see overseas contestants.


The SIN Autostyling Showdown is back, but this time entrants can participate in teams instead of just individual cars. We have also opened it up to Malaysians. Round 2 of the Street Revo RC (Remote Control) Drift Series will also be held at our show.


Q: What kind of crowd turnout are you expecting this time?

A: Our last show attracted about 60,000 people over four days. Because of the long break, there is a buildup of anxiety and anticipation and fans are hungry for a show like that. Since then, we have been getting a lot of public enquiries asking us about the next show and it motivated us to put on the show. We are hoping the crowd turnout will surpass our previous shows.


A bevy of girls surround Chris Ang (centre) of SIN.


Q: Many people say that the people who turn up for your show are there for the girls and not the cars. How important do you think a race queen is, in this context?

A: We are bringing in about 30 import models from USA, Taiwan, Thailand; altogether you can expect about 160 models and dancers at the show. Popular import models such as Eva Skye, Melyssa Grace and Jeri Lee from the USA will be at our show. We even flew up to Bangkok in April and held castings to bring in the models from Thailand.


To us, race queens at a car show are akin to cheerleaders at a football game. The cars are the main attraction and the girls are there to add colour and enhance the whole show. Which car show in the world has no girls? In fact, some car shows are beginning to have male models! We hope to break stereotypes that such shows are sleazy. The girls at our show, especially the import models, are professionals. Our show is open to public and there is no minimum age.


Q: COE prices are so high now, do you think the aftermarket segment will pick up?

A: Precisely because COE prices are so high, people are keeping their existing rides. Instead of buying new cars, they would tend to spend on upgrading their current cars such as changing their tyres, installing a new audio system or simply getting solar film for the windows. Upgrading one’s car need not be about improving performance or wanting to sound and look loud, but about safety as well.


Q: When will the next SIN be?

A: We would like to continue having it as an annual affair, like how we did in the first three years (2007 to 2009).


Super Import Nights open on Friday 25 May to Sunday 27 May, from 11am onwards. Tickets are priced at S$10 for adults and S$5 for children below 12 years.


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