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315582_10150339298972710_602152709_7881865_1724016918_nI don’t know why but I can’t help getting slightly annoyed when people pronounce the Volkswagen Eos as E-O-S even after I’ve corrected them. Eos (pronounced as ee-yours) actually means the Greek Goddess of the Dawn, in a way marking the dawning of a new era for Volkswagen when they first launched it.


Anyway, the first time I read it as E-O-S instead of Eos so I should be more forgiving. I bet there are people who think that EOS is an acronym for something, such as Eternity of Spring or something more meaningful than that.


The new Eos was launched sometime in May and the one thing I’m pretty sure every single review of this Eos will mention is it being the world’s first coupe-sunroof-cabriolet (CSC). Confused? I don’t mean to repeat the same things that all other reviews of the new Eos are saying but this CSC roof system is really the main highlight of all its revamped or upgraded features. Hence, please bear with me.


Basically the Eos is a hardtop convertible so it can take on the styling of a coupe (when the roof is up) or a cabriolet (when the roof is down). Now with the new Eos, there is a third option to this hardtop – a sunroof within the retractable convertible top. So when the top is up you can decide to tilt the sunroof for some fresh air or have it fully open to stick your head out in times of traffic jams to see who the idiot is holding up everyone else behind.


This CSC roof system is quite a sophisticated piece of technology – it is made up of five sections and the A pillars of the car are part of the windscreen frame but made short so that they are nearer to the front. Negotiating between the three options is a pair of switches in the lower centre console that you can play around with. Time needed to get the roof up or down? 25 seconds. You can also use the remote control to get the roof down as you are walking towards the car.


Alright, that’s it for the CSC roof system and thank you for the patience.

310631_10150339297902710_602152709_7881850_1593110550_nMoving on to the performance of the Eos, it still houses the same 2-litre turbocharged engine as the Golf GTI but with 10bhp more than before (now at 210bhp).

321526_10150339298232710_602152709_7881854_1554418614_nYou are assured a smooth ride, especially with the famous Volkswagen six-speed DSG transmission. Steering and cornering are as trustworthy and reassuring as Volkswagen cars usually go, but when the roof is down there seems to be a little loss of precision there.

310602_10150339299142710_602152709_7881868_1795491857_nAlthough the Eos seems to have lost a little feminism in its outlook – as a result of being less curvy and sharper in the front – it continues to maintain its sleek executive image. The Eos trumps other convertibles because it has decent rear seat space and can truly be called a 2+2, unlike some models which really have back seats so tiny I don’t see why they don’t just take it away and have a bigger boot instead.

318322_10150339298082710_602152709_7881852_1356868265_nAlready the Eos upped its practicality factor with proper seating space in the back so don’t come bawling about the boot not being able to store your week’s worth of marketing and groceries. In fact, the boot can actually hold a weekend’s getaway of luggage!

312993_10150339297632710_602152709_7881845_150454719_n320201_10150339297787710_602152709_7881847_1465667667_nSome say that the Eos is just a converted hatchback from the Golf GTI, but I have to disagree there. I think the Eos has crafted its own unique identity away from the Golf, despite being derived from it in some ways. It is quite obviously specially made bigger than the Golf and catering to a whole different audience.


Volkswagen Eos 2.0 TSI (A)

Engine: 1,984cc turbocharged

Performance: 210bhp/5,300-6,200rpm, 280Nm/1,700-5,200rpm, 0-100 7.8 secs

Top Speed: 236km/h

Transmission: Six-speed dual clutch transmission

Testdrive & Enquiries: Volkswagen Group Singapore

Tel: 64748288


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