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The one thing that I remember the Chevrolet Spark for is not its major Hollywood movie role in ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’, but its major legal tussle with Chinese carmaker Chery. The first generation Spark was boldly copied by the Chery QQ to the extent that you could take out parts of the body of one and fit it almost nicely onto the other.

chev-image3The new Spark is now here in Singapore and is still small, but has grown in presence from its predecessor, bigger longer wider than before. Despite that however, it is still a tiny yet tall five-door hatchback that actually suits the horrible traffic conditions and tight parking spaces that we have.

296337_10150282136712710_602152709_7501851_3345223_nThe interior of the Spark sees an attempt at being cool and futuristic, with funky seat upholstery and a digital monitor that probably came out of some computer game. Sitting up front is no issue but the back might be a bit of a squeeze for tall or big-sized adults.


It is a one-litre car after all, so the definition of performance here is quite atypical. Just 68bhp at 6,400rpm of power output and maximum torque of 90Nm at 4,800rpm – enough to get you to your kid’s school to pick him or her up, or swing by the supermarket for chilli sauce.

299212_10150282136467710_602152709_7501848_145179_nDelivered through a four-speed automatic transmission, the car being able to fit into tight parking spaces will be what you will probably appreciate most about the Spark. Parking is such a pain sometimes, especially in crowded areas and you just want to squeeze the car in effortlessly.


Inside, the Spark gets quite a modern update to its cabin. The most outstanding feature of the interior has to be the futuristic in-your-face round analogue speedometer with an adjacent rectangular digital display screen next to it that indicates the tachometer, fuel level and mileage.


298487_10150282136287710_602152709_7501844_2429799_nIt is quite a unique way of having the meters displayed but I took a little while to get used to the design. The Spark also comes with a standard NavTrak sat-nav system that has this cute orbital display which adds to the semi-futuristic feel that the cabin was trying to portray.

185206_10150282135137710_602152709_7501820_4448556_nIf you are the impatient sort and are easily annoyed, I don’t suggest you give the Spark a try. However, if you are a peace-loving soul who believes life is greater than just flaring up at the wheel and cursing the next driver, the Spark may serve you well as a little city-cruiser.


185266_10150282134267710_602152709_7501801_5385029_nIt will do well as a first car for new drivers or a second car if you have a large family and require a bigger car as the main transport mode.

294692_10150282138197710_602152709_7501870_4370898_nChevrolet Spark 1.0 (A)

Engine: 995cc 4-cylinder

Transmission: 4-speed automatic

Max Power: 68bhp at 6,400rpm

Max Torque: 90Nm at 4,800rpm

Price: From $65,999

Distributor: Alpine Motors


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