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There is one way to own all your dream cars without costing an arm and a leg. Yes you got it – I’m referring to radio control (R/C) cars!



R/C cars are powered model cars driven from a distance using a radio control system with inputs from joysticks (or a wheel and a trigger) on a transmitter sent to the car’s onboard receiver.


Do note that R/C cars are not toys and they feature all the complexity and adjustability of their full-size counterparts.


Building, driving, modifying and racing R/C cars is a popular hobby and a form of motorsports too!


It is probably the safest type of motorsports as it is the only type of motor racing where crashes are not fatal.


There are a few R/C car circuits in Singapore and the local R/C car scene is quite healthy, with enthusiasts regularly engaging in activity and events. A newly-revamped R/C car circuit is RaceWorks Hobbies, located at Bottle Tree Park, that officially opened on 28 January. I visited RaceWorks for the first time on Sunday morning…


RaceWorks Hobbies is a newly-established R/C business run by a group of passionate R/C hobbyists who want to make the R/C model car hobby scene in Singapore more affordable and attractive to those interested in this form of motorsport.

The pro shop is where dreams are made, as you can build your ultimate car (in miniature form) and then drive it all you want without worrying about fuel or insurance costs. Crashes are inevitable in R/C car racing but you can rest assured that the crashes are never fatal.


The RaceWorks shop has a full service menu of kit building, body work and all other necessary services you might need for your R/C cars.




Right outside the main office is the sheltered pit area which can comfortably take up to 50 drivers. At major race events, additional pit tables are set up to host more drivers.




There are two tracks at RaceWorks:

Off-road Arena

The off-road track is just next to the pit area and measures 25 metres long by 25 metres wide.



On-road Arena

If you prefer asphalt, right across the off-road track is the on-road track that measures 20 metres deep and 45 metres long.



There is never a dull weekend at RaceWork as it is hosting three racing series for the 2012 season:

Singapore Radio Control Car On-Road Championship Series (ROCS)

Sanctioned by Singapore’s RC governing body, the Radio Control Modelers Club (RCMC), the ROCS started on 12 February. Subsequent rounds will be held on 18 March, 8 April, 17 June, 5 August and 9 September (all on Sundays). Go here for more information or register online.

NOOB Singapore Open Buggy Series

Also sanctioned by RCMC, NOOB is an off-road R/C racing series. Go here for more information or register online.

Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Series

Round 1 will be held on 11 March. This is a yearly event where the winner will represent Singapore in the Tamiya Asia Cup finals, that will be held in Korea this year.

You can choose to register on-site at RaceWorks too.


Open every day except Tuesday, you can head on down after work on weekdays as they have a solid lighting system that allows for night driving or just go down over the weekend.


If you don’t own a R/C model car yet, they have an arrive-and-drive programme where you rent a car from them to drive ($10 for 15 minutes, inclusive of a pre-drive orientation for beginners).


If you enjoy it enough to go back often, RaceWorks has a membership scheme that gives access to both tracks, use of the sheltered pit area and use of track amenities (eg. power sockets, air compressors, AMB lap counters etc). Additional perks of being a member include instant 5% discount on almost all items in store, priority booking of onsite rental lockers, regular discounts off RaceWorks event entry fees, member-only promotional offers, early access to the latest products and deals. Membership fees come in the form of monthly ($79), quarterly ($199) or half-yearly ($349).

RaceWorks will be conducting regular introduction classes (complete with theory, practical and a mini race) soon for those who are keen to get into R/C cars but are unsure of how or where to. I will post up updates on this once the details are available!

RaceWorks Hobbies

81 Lorong Chencharu
Bottle Tree Park
Singapore 769198
T: +65 6481 8132


For more photos from my visit to RaceWorks, view here.

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