Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 local tyre party at Beer Market

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In March, Bridgestone Singapore flew the media up to Bangkok for a test of their new Potenza Adrenalin RE002 tyre – the successor to the RE001. In case you missed my article then, you can read it here:


When the tyre was made available locally this month, Bridgestone Singapore had a party at Beer Market (a bar with a stock market concept – see more here) on 1st July, a Friday night.



Members of the media were invited, along with key online motoring influencers from the various car forums and VIPs of Bridgestone Singapore.




279281_10150258820527710_602152709_7278538_4672701_oEveryone was enjoying the food (yes the food was really quite good) before Bridgestone Singapore’s managing director Shin Mukaikubo gave an opening address, followed by a presentation on the tyre proper by Tien Yao and some videos. 


I rushed down from yoga class and arrived just in time for Shin-san’s speech! Then David Ting, editor of Torque, told me that there was a media testimony section at the end of everything where I had to go up on stage and share my thoughts on the tyre as I have already tried it. 


Whoa, I wasn’t prepared for that at all! David Ting wasn’t there at the trip in March so he hasn’t tried the tyre and hence need not go up. At that point in time there was only Jackson Toh, editor of Wheels Asia, and me! Sheldon Trollope, editor of Evo Singapore, was there too but he left halfway during the presentation.


Thankfully Raymond Lai and William Whey arrived just in time for the Media Impressions section and all four of us were hustled up the stage. Introducing myself as Cheryl Tay, blogger at, I said what impressed me most about the RE002 was its wet performance.


When I choose a tyre, its performance in the wet is very important because I need to feel safe at all times. Singapore has been having flash floods and very wet conditions so it is crucial that the tyre must be able to give you confidence under all circumstances.


This wet-handling performance advancement is due to the revised silica-based compound used in the RE002 that gives better overall grip, along with new technologies such as the pulse groove and deflector. The pulse groove is a motorsport-inspired wave design that aids better drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance, while deflectors are the raised protrusions on the groove floor.


267065_10150258820407710_602152709_7278535_502386_oWhen we were done, Errol Lim – marketing guy from Bridgestone – said something sexist! He said for a female to be able to tell the difference in the tyres – we tested the RE001 vs the RE002 – then the tyre must be good. -_-”


That was the end of the stage session and it was on to food and more drinks for the night…

278573_10150258821032710_602152709_7278549_1811521_oAnd this was me “scolding” Errol for ‘saboh-ing’ (saboh in Malay means to play one out) us on stage:


Here’s me sandwiched between Ah Lai and Tingster:

250369_10150258818262710_602152709_7278489_2268056_n254252_10150258818312710_602152709_7278490_2682107_nSheesh, they didn’t look too happy taking photos with me! :(

279496_10150258820627710_602152709_7278541_1094405_oWhat’s a car event without the babes right?


Ooh check out their silver boots – how cool is that! 

271753_10150258820877710_602152709_7278546_6327970_oOk back to the tyre - 


According to Bridgestone, the purpose is to give maximum pleasure of sporty driving while the concept behind it is to improve basic performance such as grip, stability and response in the dry, while enhancing further performance in the wet and rolling resistance control.


Targeted at the enthusiasts and performance-oriented car lovers, the development of the RE002 took over a period of one year and was mostly done in Japan with some in Thailand. Suited for cars such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Volkswagen Scirocco, Subaru Impreza WRX and Honda Civic Type-R, the RE002 is only launched as a replacement tyre and not as any Original Equipment tyres at the moment.


Basically, if you liked the RE001, you will definitely be a fan of the RE002.

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