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Today’s my only full day in Bangkok of my weekend runaway before I head back home but I woke up late and my day only started from noon when I had lunch with Max’s family at Smirve in the hotel lobby.


Even though I’m on a holiday, work never escapes me and I will always have some form of automotive element infused into my trip. Before going to lunch, Max took me to the hotel carpark to see some of his friends’ cars who were there for the night. There’s this 600bhp Evo which we didn’t have the key to:


 And then there’s this Mazda RX-8 with a 20B 3-rotor turbo engine, apparently the same one as Kiwi drifter Daynom Templeman’s:


 There was a Fairlady parked in the car park too.. this is one model that will never escape my sight for various reasons. ;)


My hunger for cars was not exactly satiated.. would have been if we could start some of those engines and get a spin or two! So it was off to lunch at Smirve which totally satiated my hunger…


Forum Park Hotel was opened 13 years ago, but Smirve was open just two years ago. Combining Italian and Thai, the fusion menu offers an array of delights that makes you want to try everything on it.


I really couldn’t decide what to order as I felt like trying everything in there so I let Max do the ordering instead.



While waiting for the food to arrive, I had some fun with Max’s son Vin (as in Vin Diesel) who just turned one a few days ago.



He has very nice eyes and is a super active baby..


Guess what this is? It’s a fan!



It blows quite strongly too…


The food didn’t take too long to arrive and Max ordered a lot so we could all try the dishes. First up was Chicken Macaroni & Basil, which is basically chicken and basil sauteed in a specialty blend of Thai herbs and cream sauce.

260098_218592331508345_131620790205500_678192_1849540_nI liked how the cream sauce was a bit sticky and the Thai herbs blended in quite well to give that tangy taste. Accompanying this dish was Grilled Shrimp wrapped with Bacon clad in BBQ sauce:

264658_218592478174997_131620790205500_678195_5614487_nThe prawn shell was all peeled off nicely so you could have the full prawn!


We had another two pasta pieces to try after that – the Linguine Truffle Mushroom Sauce with Rock Lobster…261343_218592551508323_131620790205500_678196_2761476_n

… and the Linguine Mai Tai Shrimp:


This was one fiery number man, had me crying out for water.. But do note that I have horrible spicy tolerance levels! Which yes, is a great great pity in Singapore where we have wonderful spicy dishes:(


Next up was Salmon Ratatouille which is essentially grilled salmon served with sauteed vegetables in tomato basil sauce:


The salmon was crispy on the outside but soft and smooth on its semi-raw inside, giving you different textures of salmon in one bite of bursting flavour.


The last dish before dessert was Chicken Bullet – deep fried chicken with mashed potato and tomato sauce. The way it was prepared reminds me of ngoh hiang!


Whew – after all that palate-satisfying tummy fillers, it was on to sweet treats!




A phone call came in just as the desserts arrived so I went out to the lobby to answer it. The call took a tad long so by the time I returned the ice cream had already melted! :( Nonetheless, I enjoyed the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownie!


These were the wonderful people I had lunch with: (L-R) Eve, Max’s mum, me, Max’s wife Note and his dad who has a Nikon D90 too! And of course that is Max in the back with his son.

254543_218593568174888_131620790205500_678225_5289129_nAawww, Vin was getting restless hence he hid his face away from the camera!


It was shopping after lunch but I will blog about that in a separate post. Meanwhile, here are some shots of Smirve at night – a lot more ambience!


264659_218595938174651_131620790205500_678266_1998310_nIsn’t a lot more romantic at night?


Smirve Bar is open from 11.00 am to 1.00 am every day at Forum Park Hotel located at 1 Soi Chan, 2 Thungwatdon Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand.

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